Candida Question #50 Can My Boyfriend Contract Yeast Infection From Me?

He certainly can. I’ve covered this in a previous frequently asked question. If you are female and have a vaginal yeast infection, there is certainly a bigger chance that your boyfriend or partner may contract this. While thrush is not necessarily an STD or a sexually transmitted disease, it can be transferred through sexual contact, oral sexual contact, for example.

So if you are a female and do have a partner and are concerned, make sure that you clear your thrush. At least get it diagnosed to make sure it’s not bacterial vaginosis. It’s really good to try and understand what you’re dealing with, so you’ll be in a better position to eradicate it.

Bacterial vaginosis is very common. I’ve covered that in a previous FAQ as well. But, yes, you can pass a yeast infection on to your boyfriend and he, in turn, can pass it back to you. Something I call pass the parcel. So it’s good to get on top of your vaginal infection sooner rather than later.

So I hope that covers that question quite well. Thank you.

Candida Question #44 Can You Recommend A Soap To Use Down There To Prevent Yeast Infection?

There is, in fact. One of my favorite body products to use with Candida is tea tree oil, particularly Australian tea tree oil. The other name for that is Melaleuca alternifolia. Australian tea tree oil has proven to have very powerful anti-fungal qualities. You can use this as pure oil. You can use it as water soluble oil, and you can also get tea tree oil toothpaste and soap. The soap is good and it’s certainly worth using all over your body, arm pits, groin area, scalp, all around the body to help with yeast infections. It’s also very good to use with a soft brush to soap up around the toes and all these areas. You’ll find tea tree oil soap to be excellent down there as well.

You’ll read a lot more about tea tree in my book, Candida Crusher, in the seventh chapter, section 4. You’ll read an extensive section on tea tree oil and the many uses and benefits you can derive from tea tree oil. It also makes quite a good douche. So you can also use the water soluble tea tree oil to your advantage in a little bowl and use that for cleansing. It’s a very, very good treatment for a vaginal yeast infection.

Candida Question #9 Can A Man’s PSA Level Become Elevated Due To A Prostate Infection?

It certainly can. There are many reasons why your prostate may become enlarged. An enlargement of the prostate will cause an elevation of PSA, whether it’s through benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, prostate cancer; but in my opinion, also due to a yeast infection or another infection of the prostate.

When the prostate gets enlarged in general, it will cause an elevation of PSA. Now, your urologist or urinary doctor may disagree with me, but on several occasions I have seen a male’s prostate PSA level come down once we treated a yeast infection.

What are some of the reasons why men’s prostates would become affected through Candida? Beer drinking is one of them, excess sugar consumption, having intimate relations with a female with chronic vaginal thrush, and if he’s got a low immune system, and particularly if he’s under high stress. But I have seen many cases of males with prostate issues, pain in the groin, burning on urination, high PSA levels, and many other manifestations of urinary male Candida infection.

So to answer the question, absolutely, a man’s PSA can be elevated due to prostatitis, which can have a cause in yeast infection.