Candida Question #44 Can You Recommend A Soap To Use Down There To Prevent Yeast Infection?

There is, in fact. One of my favorite body products to use with Candida is tea tree oil, particularly Australian tea tree oil. The other name for that is Melaleuca alternifolia. Australian tea tree oil has proven to have very powerful anti-fungal qualities. You can use this as pure oil. You can use it as water soluble oil, and you can also get tea tree oil toothpaste and soap. The soap is good and it’s certainly worth using all over your body, arm pits, groin area, scalp, all around the body to help with yeast infections. It’s also very good to use with a soft brush to soap up around the toes and all these areas. You’ll find tea tree oil soap to be excellent down there as well.

You’ll read a lot more about tea tree in my book, Candida Crusher, in the seventh chapter, section 4. You’ll read an extensive section on tea tree oil and the many uses and benefits you can derive from tea tree oil. It also makes quite a good douche. So you can also use the water soluble tea tree oil to your advantage in a little bowl and use that for cleansing. It’s a very, very good treatment for a vaginal yeast infection.