Severe Candida Case Study

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. A country with earthquakes. Yes, we get earthquakes here quite a lot. Thanks for checking out this video. I’ve got a very interesting case I’m going to present today. I’m going to keep the guy’s name private, but I’ve got all his blood test reports here for five years. This is a bonafide case. I’ve known this guy now for some time. He’s a really cool guy. He’s 64 years of age. He went through a really bad patch a few years ago where one of his kids took their life. It was pretty sad. It was devastating, in fact.

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I’m not going to go into the circumstances because there was a lot more to it. In fact, three people passed away in this particular incident. This gentleman went through an amazing amount of stress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as broken up and as cut up as this guy ever in my 30 years of practice. I can just feel myself choking up with grief just talking to this guy. That’s how bad it was.

He came back to see me about the first of December. I’ll call him Greg. Greg came back the first of December and he said, “Eric, I’ve been really tired and sick now for about three years. In fact, so tired I can’t even lift up spanners and stuff anymore. My arms are so sore. I’m so tired. I’m getting weird sensations. I’m getting weakness of the limbs. My tongue feels weird. It’s like burning and shaking. I feel really low in my life, really depressed, so tired. I’ve got so much fatigue. I just can’t get my head off the pillow. I’ve got no motivation at all. I feel like crap! I’ve got a sore tummy, sore gut. I’ve got back pain. I’ve got muscle pain.”

And he said, “Some days I don’t want to get out of bed and sometimes I don’t think it’s worth living anymore.” I don’t like hearing people talk like that. He’s a really nice guy. So I said, “Greg, let’s run some checks on you. Let’s do some blood tests.” “Forget it. I’ve had a lot done. I’ve been to three or four doctors. A waste of time. I’ve been to neurologists. I’ve been to psychiatrists. I’ve been to medical doctors. I’ve been to chiropractors. I’ve been to every damn doctor. I’m sick of doctors. I came to you because I know you and I just want to see if you can help me out.”

I checked him out and I said, “I think you might have a problem with Vitamin B-12. Has it been tested?” He said, “I don’t know, but they ran hundreds of tests on me. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me, so I can’t see how another test is going to find stuff that they couldn’t find.” We went through his diet carefully and Greg said something very interesting.

He said, “I stopped eating meat about 10 years ago.” I said, “Why?” He said, “A naturopath told me it was poison. That eating meat would create cancer and you would die from eating meat. It was toxic to eat meat.” Anyway, I said, “Right. We’re doing the blood test. We’re going to check iron. We’re going to check B-12 and folate. We’re going to check kidney function. We’re going to check liver function. We’re going to see what the hell is wrong.”

I checked his blood pressure. It was through the floor. It was like 90/60 or something. It was like the heart was barely going. It was crazy. He woke up a really old man. He’s not that much older than me, but he looked like a really old guy. The tests blew me away. Vitamin B-12 with this guy is 151, which is really low. The baseline for B-12 is normally about 180 to 200, up to about 800. In Greg’s case, it was 151. Then I read out a whole list of signs and symptoms of B-12 deficiency and Greg had every single sign and symptom of B-12 deficiency.

B-12 is the most important vitamin for the nervous system. When you get a lack of B-12, it creates a lot of problems allowing the nerves to engage the muscles properly. It creates the nerves to go funny. It creates visual problems, heart problems, brain problems, muscle problems. A key note symptom of B-12 deficiency is a sore tongue, a swollen tongue. It can be peripheral neuropathy, which is tingling and numbness in the extremities and this is exactly what the guy had. What really blew me away was none of these darn doctors picked it up. Not even the top specialists picked it up, which shows you how crazy the medical system is. Nobody picked it up. A simple 1,000 microgram injection and 24 hours later he would have felt like he won the lotto. You guys got lotto in America? Lottery.

When I showed him these test results, he started to cry and he said, “Eric, this is like winning the lottery for me.” I said, “It is, mate, because when we get some B-12 shots into you, you’re going to feel amazing.” We got him to have B-12 injections, one per day, probably two a week for three to four weeks and the turnaround is going to be pretty impressive. Furthermore, we also found low iron. His iron is 11. For a guy, 11 micromoles per liter is like really low. A guy’s iron should be a lot higher than that. Usually about 15 to 20, maybe 25, and he’s 11. He hasn’t really got enough oxygen carrying capacity. The red blood cells can’t carry enough oxygen around, so he’s going to feel really tired. He’s got the exhaustion on top of the B-12 issues as well.

He’s a mechanic. I said, “Greg, you’ve got a car with a carburetor and you need to have a lot of air going to the carburetor to get the engine to run. What about if I put my hand over the air intake and I block half the carburetor off and I rev up the engine, what’s the motor going to do?” “It’s going to stall, mate. It’s not going to run properly. You’re choking the motor. You’re not giving it air. It can’t breathe. Combustion can’t take place with this motor.” I said, “Well, that’s what we’re doing with low iron. It’s the same thing. We’re choking the body’s ability to produce energy because we’re not giving enough oxygen for cellular respiration. The body can have as much glucose or sugar as it wants, but if it doesn’t have oxygen, it’s not going to combust. This is going to make you tired. It’s also going to build up a lot of deposits of waste in the body.”

It’s exactly what he’s got. He’s got creatinine so his kidney function is going up the creek now because he can’t produce energy properly. He can’t get rid of the waste because of the malfunctioning energy production. Now, his kidneys are playing up. None of these tests were done by the doctors. The kidney function is showing that he’s a really old man because these kidney results are what I see in someone who is very sick and elderly.

Am I going to work on the kidney? Yes, I am. We’re going to give him a kidney tonic just to engage the kidneys to allow more clearance of muscular waste. We’re going to give iron and we’re going to give B-12 injections. I can guarantee it. When that guy comes back, he’s going to feel like he’s won the lottery. This is what makes my job worthwhile is getting a hold of people that are sick and decrepit and have no answers from the medical system. Simple testing and we’re getting results we’re looking for.

If you’re not eating meat, if you’re tired, if you’ve got systems like depression, tingling, numbness, weird tongue sensations, very low motivation, really tired and weak all the time, especially if there’s any back pain involved or low iron, think about it carefully. You may well need to have this kind of a treatment as well. Thanks for tuning in. I appreciate it.

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