Candida Question #7 Do Heavy Metals Such As Mercury Cause Yeast Infection?

Well, not directly, but like many other toxins, heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, tin, aluminum will certainly cause problems with your immune system. They can suppress the immune system and create problems on many different levels inside your body.

When this occurs, it can often lead to opportunistic infectious disease, including a yeast infection. There is certainly evidence which makes us believe that mercury, particularly methyl mercury which is secreted by your mercury amalgam fillings, has an effect on yeast in the digestive system, particularly in the bowel.

So we have seen a connection with people with mercury fillings and yeast infections, particularly people that don’t recover well, and I was one of those people back in the mid-80s. After having 30 amalgam fillings removed and replaced with new fillings, my health took a turn for the worse and I’ve certainly seen this with many patients who’ve had dental restoration; they’ve had a major aggravation of a gut problem or a yeast infection. So there is a connection between mercury and Candida.

So, do heavy metals cause Candida? Not directly, but indirectly they do. And if you’re concerned, do see your health care professional for some heavy metal testing.

Thank you.