When To Bring Sugar Back on Candida Diet?

Greetings! Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for checking out the videos. Questions, I get them all the time. Imagine if you were in a job where people ask you questions all the time. Do you mind? I actually quite enjoy it. Particularly answering the questions through this channel to give people some good information. I like to cut the crap, as you know, and get straight to the point. No point fluffing around.

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Eric, what’s the best way to reintroduce sugar or sugar substitutes after completing the Candida diet. This is a question I get asked all the time. Constantly. People love sugar. People go crazy about sugar. People eat over two times their body weight in sugar in a year. I’ve said this before in previous videos. At the turn of the century, around 1900, people were eating about a pound of sugar a year. Now, people eat 300 or 400 pounds of sugar a year. People eat huge amounts of sugar. Sugar is so cheap. You can buy bags of sugar so cheap. Sugar like salt once used to be very, very expensive, but now it’s become so cheap.

People love sugar. They really love sugar. They like sweet things. I can tell you now, once you enjoy bitter things in your diet, you’ll start to tone down the amount of sugar that you eat. Bitter is the opposite of sweet. Bitter improves digestion. Bitter repels parasites. Candida hates bitter stuff. Sweet, especially refined sugar, bacteria, yeast and parasite thrive on sugar. They thrive on that. You ruin your digestive health. I’m sure you can go to Google and type in sugar and bad effects on health and just see pages with thousands of different effects that sugar causes.

That’s an interesting question. Let’s look at that question carefully. The best way to reintroduce sugar or sugar substitutes after completing your diet. I would put it to you. How much do you like sugar? How important was sugar in your life? Were you eating lots of candy and chocolates and ice creams all the time? Maybe it’s time after the Candida Crusher approach for you to tone that kind of quantity of sugar down. Maybe you need to stop eating this kind of sugar. Sugar substitutes are not a bad idea.

Let me tell you what I did the other day. I made up a beautiful salad out of the garden. I got lots of stuff. Got all the kids home at the moment, so I made up this really nice salad. It’s called Tabouli. It’s a Greek salad. Lots and lots of parsley chopped fine. Lots of mint chopped fine. I put tomatoes. A could of scallions with spring onions all chopped fine.

Mixed together. I put a bit of cracked wheat or bulgur, the Greeks call it, or cracked wheat. You just boil this cracked wheat and squeeze the water out of it. Mixed through it. Then guess what I did? I got a whole of a small bunch of stevia because I grow lots of stevia plants. I cut these leaves up fine and I mixed it through. That salad was so sweet. It was amazingly sweet. It was a beautiful salad.

I want you to check out stevia. You can actually grow stevia as a little plant. It’s very smart for you to grow a couple of these in the garden or in a pot. I can guarantee it. When you grow this stuff, you want it all the time. You can grow big bushes out of it. It tastes fantastic. In fact, when you pull off a leaf and chew it, you swear you just had a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth. The good thing about stevia is it’s a prebiotic, so it actually helps to build beneficial bacteria. It contains many different flavones and blasticidins. Many different natural chemicals that have an effect on slowing down the release of sugar into the system. It doesn’t create problems in terms of spiking blood sugar. It doesn’t rot your teeth or cause dental caries. Bacteria don’t thrive in the presence of stevia. Fresh stevia plant is perfectly acceptable for a Candida person to have. Even if you’ve got Blastocystis or parasites. I’ve got no problem if you eat stevia. Clever to grow it. You can buy refined stevia powder, but you’re better off growing a plant of stevia.

The same thing holds for sugar cane. If you live in a warm country and you can actually crush sugar cane juice, it’s actually a very healthy drink to have. It does contain a lot more sucrose than stevia so you need to be careful with full blown yeast infections, but most healthy people can tolerate reasonably large amounts of sugar cane juice over time. I’ve been speaking to people in Brazil, the Philippines and other countries who drink lots of sugar cane juice. They’re skinny people with perfect gums and teeth. They’ve got no diabetes. It’s a fantastic health food.

Guys, there are many different types of natural sugars that you can eat that are perfectly acceptable to have. But when buy stuff that a guy’s made in a white coat in a factory, it’s usually crap. When you’re going to reintroduce sugar into your diet, do what I do. Don’t buy sugar anymore. You don’t need raw sugar. You don’t need white sugar. I’m a beekeeper, so I keep lots of beehives. I’m quite lucky in that I can just break a piece of honeycomb out whenever I want and have some nice fresh natural honey. Honey is a fantastic food when you haven’t got a major yeast infection. If you’ve got a bad yeast infection, it’s not great to eat that. I don’t find honey a really bad problem if you’ve got a parasite problem. Especially the Manuka honey. Our beautiful Manuka New Zealand honey, which is very healthy and also with a high hydrogen peroxide value it’s very antibacterial and anti-parasitic I found out.

When you come to reintroduce sugars into the diet, stevia, xylitol, Manuka honey, sugar cane juice. Don’t buy sugar anymore. Don’t buy bags of sugar. Don’t add sugar into baking or cooking or stuff like that. Stevia fresh is the best, but stevia powder is perfectly acceptable. The other one I’d like you to look at is called xylitol. Xylitol actually inhibit streptococci bacteria in the mouth, so it stops dental plaque from forming. It’s endorsed by the British dental association. It’s a very healthy kind of a sugar made from different plants like vegetables and fruits. Xylitol or stevia. I think stevia probably has the edge over xylitol.

If you’re going to buy candy when you recover, make sure that the candy contains stevia, not refined sugar. Look for stuff like evaporated cane juice. All these crappy stupid fancy names that we use for sugars on foods. There are many different names. If you’re unsure, go to Google. Type that word in and you’ll find it’s probably a sugar.

Here’s what I also put to you. If you’ve been eating quite a lot of a particular kind of snack food high in sugar and then you did the Candida diet, that’s the kind of sugar you need to put in last. Remember. Always maintain the foods with the highest desires from you, the food that you want to eat all the time, is the last food you reintroduce. Not the first one you put back in. Because if you do that then by the time you put the last one back in, the first one you put back in, you’ve ramped up the consumption of it and then you could start getting problems again.

Here’s another tip. All the foods that you’ve taken out that contain sugar in them, write them all down on a list. A whole page of different foods that may have contained sugar. Then put a line behind it and then score each food one, two, three.

Three, high desire; two, moderate desire; one, low desire. One’s you put back in first. The two’s second. The third you put back in last. That’s going to allow your digestive system time to grow beneficial bacteria back again rather than assaulting it with sugars, which could bring yeasts, fungi, and bacteria back again. Use an intelligent approach. Best off to avoid sugar as much as you can. When you’re healthy like me, go for the natural sugars. You’d be surprise how much honey I eat.

You’d be surprised how much stevia I eat. I’ve got no digestive or bowel issues whatsoever. My Candida was so bad years ago that now I can eat plenty of honey, no problem. Minimal gas. Nice flat tummy. No pain anywhere. Lots of energy. All these foods can come back into your diet when you recover. Candy and things like that it’s just not something I’m interested in. Ice cream. I like coconut ice cream. I wouldn’t eat dairy ice cream.

There you have it. That’s how you’re going to reintroduce sugar or sugar substitutes after the Candida Crusher diet. I hope that gives you some useful information. Click on the link below if you haven’t got my report and please subscribe. Thanks for tuning in.

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