Is Multiple Candida Cleanse Okay?

Greetings! Eric Bakker. You should know me by now. I’m a naturopath from New Zealand. I’m the author of a book called Candida Crusher. Also the formulator of a range called CanXida. Thanks for checking out the video. Another question. Lots of questions. Can I do multiple Candida cleanses after the initial one? Let’s talk about this a little bit and explain a bit about what I’m talking about here.

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Many people believe you need to do a whole series of flushes and clean outs. They may have 20 colonics. They may do lots of enemas at home. They may do lots of gall bladders flushes. They seem to be constantly detoxing. I know some people they’re always detoxing. Their whole life is one flipping detox. Everything is about cleansing. That’s not way it should be guys. It’s a little bit like your home or your car or anything else you care about. Your body you should care a lot about.

For example, with my kitchen, after the holiday break, I decided to give it a good cleanup and a repaint. What’s the very first thing you do when you’re to clean up. You get rid of all the crap! All the junk’s got to go. I had a good look around the kitchen and dining room and I got rid of lots of stuff. Stuff I don’t really use. I had a kitchen rack hanging up. Pulled it down. Got rid of it. I had pots and pans I wasn’t using. Got rid of them. Everything went either to charity shop or gave them away to other people. Declutter. Get rid of crap first.

In your diet, get rid of the crap. Get rid of the pizzas. Get rid of the soda drinks. Get rid of all the beer and the chocolates and all the yum yum bars and the fluffy bars. You get my point. Get rid of the obvious crap first. That’s the main thing that you want to do with a cleanse. Then when you’ve cleared the air, then you can start saying, “I want to keep this plate or this cup or that sauce pan.” Then you look at your diet, “I want to keep this in my diet.”

I spoke a lot about this in my book, The Big Cleanup. This a really clever approach. Clean up your life first. Clean up your diet. Get rid of stuff. Then you need to fine tune things a little bit more. If you do a cleanse properly, you don’t need to keep repeating them. Why would you want to clean the kitchen 15 times in a row? When I do a kitchen cleanse, I do one every several years. I wouldn’t do one like nine times in one year. Some people I speak to, as I mentioned before, are doing detoxes all the time. Their whole life is one continual detoxification regime. They seem to have this crazy idea that if they keep going on a detox, they’re health is going to improve. In fact, all it’s doing is creating more problems internally in their digestive system. It’s creating more stress for them and the people around them. Don’t have this stupid belief that continual cleansing leads to better health.

It does not do that. If you do it once, you do it right. Don’t be afraid to turf stuff out of your life that you don’t need. I’m talking about people maybe need to be thrown out of your life, relationships, jobs, occupations, boyfriends or girlfriends, clothing. Whatever you’ve got in your life, if you see it as some kind of a thing you’re not happy with or an obstacle, just get rid of it. It’s the same in your diet. It’s the same with your attitudes. If you’ve got an attitude, “Well, I like to sit on the couch and watch television and eat my yum yum bars. I don’t like to exercise much.” That’s an attitude that needs chucking out the window. It needs throwing out.

Sometimes people need attitude changes, too, to improve their health. Sometimes the smallest things that you do can lead to the biggest improvement in your health and often all it requires is a shift or a change in consciousness, a change in attitude. Multiple cleanses are not required. However, when it comes to a gall bladder flush, I would beg to differ there.

I’ve seen many patients that have had flush after flush after flush. If you’re an old person like me, late 50s, it’s advantageous maybe to do a more thorough or a deeper cleanse than if you’re a younger person, so in your late 20s. The older car needs a lot more work than a younger car.

I think I’ve shown you guys these photos before. This is Barbara. Flush one. Gall bladder flush. Look at those stones. Flush two. Look at that. Flush three. Flush four. Flush five. Not nice people if you’re having your breakfast right now and checking out your Facebook profile. As you can see here, Barbara is a woman in her 60s who’s had very successful cleanses. She was scheduled to get her gall bladder, now she’s about a dozen gall bladder flushes with very big advantages. She’s lost a lot of weight. Her health has improved. Her sleep has improved. She’s improved big time.

Don’t get me wrong. Let’s not get misunderstood here. There’s a big difference between a detox and a gall bladder flush. I see the gall bladder flush as something you do after you’ve done a proper cleanse and detox. There’s no point in doing a gall bladder flush in the middle of a lifestyle full of pizzas and soda drinks. I better do a gall bladder flush and then you back to that lifestyle again. This to me is the icing on the cake that Barbara did. Barbara did a three-week detox first, a proper detoxification we put her through. Changed her diet. Started to exercise more. Did yoga. Some exercise classes. We gently got her engaged in this kind of process. She felt better and better. We fine-tuned her diet more. Culminating in the gall bladder flush. As I mentioned to Barbara, “If you’ve done a successful flush, wait about a week or two and do another flush. If you keep passing out stones, do another flush, do another flush. Each time she did a flush, several days later, her health picked up to another level, and another level, and another level.”

In a detox, in general, we’re talking about coming off the crappy diet. Eating a better type of food. Engaging exercise. Maybe taking some liver, kidney cleansing herbal medicines or nutritional supplements to clean that up. That’s what I call a detox. Sometimes you will need to do one or two detoxes if you’re a very sick person or if you’ve allowed your body to accumulate lots of garbage. A stool test or a hair analysis maybe good starting points for you to determine your level of toxicity. You can also do a functional liver detox profile. We can do a urine test to determine if your liver is pretty well screwed up, if it needs a deep cleanse or if it’s not that bad. There are different ways to determine toxicity in the body. Sometimes if you’re an older person like me and you’ve never done a detox before, it would pay to do testing first or you can test anytime really. Have pre- and post. Multiple cleanses generally are not going to provide you a higher quality of health. I would really beg to differ there.

No doubt I’m going to get comments of people calling me a crazy idiot. That they’ve done 9,000 detoxes and on the 9,001 detox they felt better. Remember also, you’re going to really annoy the hell out of all the people around you if your whole life is one big detoxification regime where you can’t drink this water and you can’t eat that food. And every time you go out, you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that. You’re going to annoy the hell out of people. People don’t like this kind of crap all the time. It pays to really think about that, too. About your life. About other people’s lives and what you’re actually getting out of the detox. If you follow the Candid Crusher approach that I’ve outlines in my book and in the videos, you will not need to do multiple cleanses. Do it once. Do it right. That’s all I’ve got to say on that. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link if you haven’t got my report. Thank you.

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