Review of Candidate Candidate by Native Remedies

Thanks for checking out my video today. I’m going to do another expert review today on a Candida product. This one is Candidate. It’s in a small liquid bottle. I think it’s probably a two-ounce bottle it comes in. It contains pau d’arco, marigold, and lemon grass extract. But the problem with this product is also it’s made in vegetable glycerin, which is a dumb idea for somebody, particularly, with a vaginal yeast infection. I really don’t like women or guys, for that matter, with jock itch taking glycerin or glycetract formulas.

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So when you look at a number of herbal medicines, they are made either in alcoholic extracts or they can be made in glycerin extracts. Herbal medicines can also be extracted using water by what we call decoctions like in boiling or infusions like in making a cup of tea. Alcoholic extracts usually contain 25 up to 40 percent alcohol as a norm, but glycerin is often used as well, particularly with the pediatric or children formulas.

Glycerin plays no role in a yeast infection. Patients who’ve got a yeast infection should not take glycerin. It’s too sweet. It’s too sugary. Even small amounts, dropperful in a glass of water once or twice a day, so this is not really a good product for anyone with a yeast infection. They say that it promotes balance and probiotic flora and this is probably because of the sugar that they’ve got in this product, remember if it tastes very sweet, avoid it with Candida.

This goes for a lot of the added sugars that you’ll find in all kinds of drinks and chewing gum, and many things now contain all those artificial sugars. You want to avoid all of those as well. It’s not really a good idea to have sugar, particularly in the first four to six weeks of Candida treatment when you’re making diet changes.

So I’ve got thumbs down on this product. I would not recommend you get Candidate at all. And anyone that promotes it should clearly look at the label and if they see vegetable glycerin, they should think twice about why they’re recommending you take this product. They’re probably recommending you take the product because they’re making a profit on it.

There are some Candida websites that promote this product, and I don’t really like it when people promote products that they’re not clinicians themselves. If these websites actually have someone affiliated with the site who actually treats patients, they’ll understand that these products aggravate people. And I’ve certainly found Candidate to aggravate particularly women with vaginal yeast infections and also guys with jock itch. So for that reason, it’s got the thumbs down for me.

I hope that gives you information on Candidate. Thanks for tuning in.

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