Natural Treatment for Gallstones

Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my video. This is just another video in the gallstone series. We’re going to talk about the best treatment for gallstones. Please check out my video which I have done previously on liver detox, and also liver and gallbladder flushing. I’m pretty sure I’ve done those already.

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Doing a liver cleanse is a very smart idea, a liver detox, but I generally recommend you do that after you’ve gained a reasonable amount of wellness. If you have a bowel problem or a Candida problem or a parasite problem, it really pays for you to tidy these areas up first and get to a high level of health before you start doing detox.

Many people have got a poor level of bacteria in their gut, lots of yeast infection there, bacteria or SIBO problems, leaky gut, and they try and do major detox and cleanses and have multiple colonics and coffee enemas and they start using all this kind of weird stuff to try and clean out the gut. This can really irritate and upset a person. I prefer that you get your health up to a reasonable level before you get into cleansing and not use cleansing as the main way to get well. It’s not a good idea. There’s a different between, I should say cleanse and a detox. What I should’ve said is detoxing is not a good idea to get an amazing level of health. You should try and obtain a reasonable level of health before you start doing a detox. A cleanse is a little bit different from a detox. I’ve written about this in Candida Crusher. Cleansing in my mind means taking crap out of your diet, getting involved with exercise and lifestyle changes, doing all the things you can to make your body healthier.

Detox is entirely different. That to me means that you’re going to actually take things to help purge and remove rubbish from the body. That often includes dry skin brushing, saunas, colonics, things like that. That’s just based on my experience.

A good treatment for gallstones? Diet. Naturally. You’re going to work with a high quality diet, which is cleansing in its own right. Eating the right kind of foods which I’ve mentioned in a previous video. The bitter foods. Avoiding the sugars and the bad fats. Initially, if you’re very sick with a gallstone problem, you may need to even to avoid coconut oil and fat. I’ve seen many people get very sick and feel terrible after taking even a tablespoon a day. But after their gallbladder got cleaned up, they could tolerate it quite easily.

Doctors will tell you that there’s no link between feeling sick and gallstones, but I can tell you that’s a load of crap. There is. Many people with a gallstone problem can’t tolerate a fatty diet. It can make them feel very sick. If you’re like that, you may have a gallstone problem. And in that case, you may want to do some cleansing and work your way towards a liver and gallbladder flush.

Digestive enzymes are a very smart move for a person with a liver or gallbladder problem. Why? Because you still want the body to break up fats efficiently. You want to have a very good digestive function. You may well have compromised stomach, pancreatic problem, as well as a gallbladder problem.

Check out my CanXida Restore product. It’s a very powerful enzyme probiotic combination which I use for people with all kinds of digestive problems. It’s not just for Candida patients. I use it very often for people with a gallstone problem. I use it for people with indigestion. Inflammatory bowel disease. Irritable Bowel disease. Small intestinal bacterial problem. Leaky gut syndrome. Food allergies. There are many reasons I would use that product.

The other thing I should tell you is food allergies are very closely linked with gallstone formation. In a few studies, they found that a very high percentage of people with gallstones had a food allergy, so by continually eating that food, it helped and sharply contributed to gallstone formation. Get checked out if you suspect that you’re very sensitive to a food or have an allergy to a food, because it may mean that you’re contributing towards a gallstone problem.

When I went to Seattle in 2003, I went to a very interesting seminar and had Dr. Alan Gaby speaking from America who believes there’s a very powerful link between food allergy and gallstone. So if you’re a female watching this and you suspect you’ve got a food allergy and you can relate to the four Fs we spoke about: Forty, Fat, Fertile, Flatulent, you may be a sitting duck for a gallstone problem.

Let’s just summarize that again. The best treatment for gallstones? Awareness of allergens in the diet and to take them out. Bitter foods to include into the diet. Removal of wrong kind of fats, and maybe a lot of fats initially, and especially sugars, sweet foods from the diet. Very important considerations to make when it comes to treatment.

Also, weight loss is a key thing. It’s invariable that most people that are overweight and especially obese people. Obese people will all have gallstones. They’ll be full of gallstones. If you’ve had a recent sharp weight loss, you could also be a candidate for gallstones. Many women I’ve found that when they lose weight rapidly, the liver has to work very hard at burning up the fat. The bile flow becomes impaired and the stones become very much formed. I’ll show you some pictures now of a lady who exactly that happened to with rapid weight loss and she had five flushes.

These are five separate gallbladder flushes, and on each flush, you can see clearly all these different gallstones coming out just from five different flushes. Photos like this I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of times from patients which I’ve worked with to do successful gallbladder flushes over the years. Don’t be scared of doing a gallbladder flush. I know. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve personally supervised in an excess of a thousand women to do this flush. I know one doctor in Australia, he’s done over ten-thousand flushes with patients. Don’t let the medical professionals scare you and make you think that you will die some awful painful death if you do a gallbladder flush. You can clearly see from these pictures you can remove this crap from the body.

So, treatment again: do the gallbladder flush. You can google it. You can find this sort of information online. I’m not the only one who does flushes. I’ve done flushes for probably 25 years with patients. Basically involves lemon juice and olive oil. It’s a simple procedure. Or you can be like me and just include lemon juice and olive oil into your diet on a regular basis, which is going to help to stop the formation of gallstones anyway, especially if you have a lot of lemon juice and quite a bit of olive oil. This will help considerably.

Don’t forget: Diet, take some digestive enzymes like CanXida Restore is going to help quite a lot. I also often recommend anti-microbial. There’s many people with gallstones that actually harbor parasites in their body. We know that gallstones can contain bacteria or parasites and form a focal point for bugs to live in. So check out the CanXida Remove. That’s going to help a lot with that. Especially if you do a gallbladder flush, take CanXida Remove, take the Restore before during and after the flush, and you’ll come out looking quite good.

That’s it for this video. Don’t forget to click on the link if you haven’t got my shopping list, subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for tuning in.

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