Review of Candida Support Formula by NOW Foods

Thank you for tuning into my video today. Doing another expert review today. This time on a product from NOW Foods called Candida Support Formula. Not a bad antifungal. The problem is it has too many weak points about it. It’s probably going to help some people, but it just hasn’t got that punch. To me, this is like using a 9 millimeter handgun on an elephant when, in fact, you want to use a 50 caliber, so you want to pack something with a lot more punch.

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Does that mean if you’re going to use a stronger product, you’re going to get more aggravations on patients? No. It doesn’t mean that. Not if it’s in a great delivery form and given in the right dose, you’ll have no problem at all with patients.

This product contains Caprylic acid, pau d’arco, black walnut and oregano oil, and it’s in a capsule. But the problem is it’s only got four ingredients in it, so it’s quite weak. If you’re going to take something, as I said, you want to take something more balanced. Being in a capsule, unfortunately in my opinion, is not really good as an antifungal. I think a tablet is the way to go. It’s going to last longer. You’re going to be able to compress more into the tablet, and you can also add some sustained release ingredients in there that help to slow down the rate of breakdown and absorption of the product.

When you give a capsule to someone, a multi-vitamin, I think, is better delivery for a capsule rather than an antifungal. When the body takes the capsule in, the dissolution is quite quick in the stomach. There’s a rapid release of ingredients there and then there’s nothing. When you’ve got a sustained release in a tablet form, it breaks down more slowly over a period of a couple of hours, which gives your body more of a drip feed of the active ingredients which is going to have a prolonged, in my opinion, activity when it comes to yeast infection.

The other thing I’m not really happy about with this product from NOW is none of the ingredients are standardized, so you’re looking at a cheap Caprylic acid, cheap pau d’arco. We don’t know the country of origin of these ingredients. We don’t know how strong the ingredients are or the activity of them. And there are too many missing links in this product.

I have used this product on numerous Candida patients with very average to poor results. This is one of the reasons why I created a product called Canxida. Canxida is a tablet which you’re going to find on Amazon, and it’s the most powerful product of any antifungal you’ll ever find on Amazon.

How can I make that claim? I can make that claim because it’s based on over 25 years of treating Candida patients just like you. I’ve used every product I’ve been able to get my hands on and created what I believe is a super antifungal. Two percent allicin containing garlic, Caprylic acid, 45 percent flavonoid containing grapefruit seed extract, which was missing in NOW, which is unfortunate. Four to one pau d’arco, so I’m using a very strong pau d’arco extract to give that extra punch that your patient requires. Undecylenic acid which goes beautiful with Caprylic acid and most antifungals never contain those two acids together. Black walnut, 4 to 1 again, strong. Neem extract, never seen it before in an antifungal, but very good for all those little bacteria that you want to eradicate in the large intestine. Butane hydrochloride because you want to acidify the environment of the gut to allow particularly the undecylenic acid to work more effectively. I’ve not really seen it before in any other product but a very important requirement. Eighty-five percent berberine, berberine is used as a natural antibiotic, so we use it again for wiping out bacteria. I also put clove extract in this product as well, and a bit of biotin to stop basically Candida getting out of control.

While I don’t believe NOW is a bad product, I don’t think it’s a good product. And I think it’s too weak to be really taken seriously by you if you’re wishing to purchase an antifungal.

So consider the product Canxida which took me a long time to design and make and even longer to get a hold of all these ingredients. It took a long time. Anything worthwhile takes time. Anyone can slap a product together in a couple of weeks. But the thing is, is it going to be effective in the clinic? Is it going to be worth your while spending that money on? So the dietary and lifestyle advice I give in Candida Crusher along with a very good antifungal is going to have an incredible effect on restoring your health, and that’s what it’s all about. Recovery in the shortest possible time, spending the least amount of money.

Thanks for tuning in.

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