Is hair loss associated with Candida?

Question today is is hair loss associated with Candida? Can Candida cause me to lose my hair? Not really. It’s not one of those things I’ve generally heard of. Hair loss can be associated with a whole raft of different medical complaints, but Candida is not usually one of them that’s going to be associated with hair loss.

Hypothyroidism or acute shock, I’ve seen this quite common with hair loss. With more prolonged plethoric symptoms, we can get a bit of hair loss at the outer edge of the eyebrow. We can get scalp hair loss with poor thyroid, but we can also find it with low estrogen levels and with various other endocrine imbalances we can get hair loss occurring. Hair loss can occur on the body also because of poor thyroid function.

I have seen psoriasis associated with hair loss for people in different stages. Psoriasis affecting around the ears or on the scalp, particularly people who are scratching and picking at the flaky skin. I have seen hair loss associated with that. And there is a strong correlation with psoriasis and yeast infection. Up to three quarters of patients with psoriasis, in fact, have a Candida yeast infection.

If you do believe you’ve got psoriasis, check out my website,, that will give you a lot of good ideas on how to identify and how to treat psoriasis naturally. Because there’s certainly a big correlation between psoriasis and Candida. But Candida itself, I don’t really believe is directly responsible for hair loss.

I hope that answers your question. Thank you.