Is gas a symptom of Candida die off?

Thanks for tuning in. The question to today is, is gas a symptom of Candida die off? Yes. It is. In fact, it is a symptom.

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There are many different symptoms of Candida die off that you can get, but people get confused with Candida die off. Because when many people go into a Candida diet, they can have varying kinds of reactions for many different kinds of reasons.

A typical one I would see would be someone who’s cut out caffeine or soda drinks or has come off sugar too quick. They’ll feel pretty bad and they can immediately think, “Well, I’m taking an antifungal or changed my diet, this is Candida die off.” When, in fact, it’s not Candid die off.

Some of the typical Herxheimer reactions that I see – Herxheimer reaction is the word we use for Candida die off – are much more systemic than you would experience coming off a particular food or beverage. Some of the quite strong patterns I see with people are things like chills, feeling cold in the extremities, tingling sensations, fevers or feeling flushed, especially at night time, sweating at night. You can even have enlarged lymph glands, having bad insomnia and, of course, all the digestive symptom manifestations that go with it like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea or even vomiting, can be quite strong.

When Candida die off rapidly, they release many different chemicals into the digestive system which can move into the bloodstream. In fact, there’s about 80 or more different chemicals, but the common ones are acetaldehyde and ethanol, which is really alcohol, as a byproduct. Think about the last time you drank too much alcohol what it felt like when you woke up in the morning or before you went to bed at night, how you felt sick, you had a bad headache, you could’ve been flushed, you could’ve felt like you wanted to throw up, but you couldn’t quite do it or you did throw up. Feeling completely whacked, like the whole body whacked, completely tired. That’s a typical Herxheimer reaction. These are not that common because when I question people carefully with these reactions, they’re usually not as severe as this.

Die off does occur, but not as common as many people think that it does occur. But bloating and gas are definitely a sign of a Herxheimer reaction along with any other gastrointestinal manifestation. Think about what you took prior to feeling like this. Think about the changes that you made that led into you feeling like this. When you make change slowly, you avoid the Herxheimer reaction. Act at haste, repent at leisure. It’s like anything in life. Pay too much money for something on impulse. Jump into a relationship too quick. Anything you do too quick there’s always a price to pay.

It’s the same with a Candida cleanse. Have a good think about it before you jump into Candida cleanse, what the outcome would be in the first few weeks. If you want to feel like crap, then go head on into it and there’s a possibility you could feel like crap.

I hope that answers your question today and I hope you don’t feel like crap when you go into a Candida cleanse yourself. Thanks for tuning in.

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