Candida Question #39 Nothing Has Helped Me Treat My Yeast Infection What Should I Do?

How much is all this going to cost me? If I need to buy your dietary supplements, I’ve spent a small fortune already on supplements and a lot of money on practitioners and various pills and potions over the years, and it has gotten me nowhere.

Well, I think you need to take a good long hard look at what you’re doing if you’re not getting results. It’s easy to blame people when, in fact, you may not really be doing things properly yourself. Supplements do work, but they’ll only aid and assist you, in particular, when you’re on the right track with your diet and lifestyle. So if you’re doing everything right and, particularly, if you follow a lot of my advice in my book, Candida Crusher, and you’re still not getting the results, there’s something you’re doing that’s not right or there’s a block. There’s an impediment to your cure and you can read about that in my book as well in Chapter 7, right at the end I explain a bit about obstacles to cure.

Supplements shouldn’t have to cost you a great deal of money, but expect to pay anywhere between $2 up to $5 or $6 dollars per day for the first several months. That’s not a lot of money when you think about it, you’re probably already now buying beer, wine, ice cream, take-out food, going to the movies or football or whatever it is that you like to do, and a lot of money will go into these habits. So sometimes just by cutting back on these habits and investing a little bit of money into a high-quality product can turn you right around.

I’ve often found also that discontinuation of these habits can also help to prevent many chronic diseases down the track. And a fact is many people spend a lot of money and more money on their health in the last three months of their life then they do all their life. And often then it’s too late to turn things around. So preventative medicine is the best medicine. So a small amount of supplement taken for a prolonged period of time to aid in your recovery along with a correction in dietary and lifestyle habits will get you back on track. It’s not a matter of looking at how much things cost, it’s really looking at the effects and result you’re going to get from what you do. So there’s a big difference between what something costs and the benefit you derive from it. That’s an important thing that I’d like you to look at.

So it shouldn’t cost you a lot of money when you think about it. And cutting back on a lot of those habits I mentioned is going to save you money anyway. In fact, you could probably argue that, in fact, it’s not going to cost you anything. It’s going to save you money, particularly, long term with your health, and that’s a very important consideration for you to make.

Candida Question #19 Can A Good Quality Probiotic Treat My Yeast Infection Forever?

Well, a probiotic will certainly help you, but I really don’t believe that a probiotic will cure your yeast infection as such. It can certainly help to repopulate your digestive system and help to reduce the levels of poor bacteria. But once a yeast infection really takes hold in the body, it’s quite difficult to eradicate it by just relying on a probiotic alone.

And in fact in America in 2010 when they enforced GMP or good manufacturing procedures, they discovered that over half the probiotics that were being purchased by people were useless, absolutely therapeutically useless. They had poor strains and hardly any viability at all. So be very careful what type of dietary supplements you buy because there are lots of product out there that are not very viable.

As I mentioned, once Candida becomes widespread, it becomes more difficult to eradicate, probably like a weed in a garden will become more difficult to eradicate when it really takes foothold. So the whole idea is to try and get in before it becomes systemic or too bad. A better approach would be to use an enzyme and probiotic combination; that will give you a better effect than just a probiotic.

If you keep an eye on and, you will soon discover that I’ve developed my own Candida Crusher products with very high quality viability and very specific enzyme probiotic formula which I’m developing right now which will be available soon, so you’ll be able to purchase that very soon with the quality product I have in mind.

So supplements are certainly very, very handy and essential in chronic cases, but most of your work really needs to come from lifestyle and diet. Eighty percent of what I like patients to do is think about their lifestyle and twenty percent about supplementation. I’m not interested in people who are just interested in taking supplements, try to get rid of symptoms, it’s not going to work. You need to address the root causes, look particularly at your lifestyle and diet and supplementation to give you the best effects when it comes to crushing Candida.

So I hope that answers your question. Thank you, Bill.