Candida Question #53 Can I Get Yeast Infection From Dirty Toilet?

Well, I don’t know how to answer that one. Your toilet would have to be pretty dirty and pretty grubby for you to get a yeast infection. I personally wouldn’t use toilets that were that unhygienic that I would be concerned. I would probably choose a better toilet or a cleaner toilet or perhaps use one of those paper things you can put on the toilet seat before you sit on the toilet.

So, it’s not really likely that you’re going to get a yeast infection from a dirty toilet. I would question why you would need to use a toilet that dirty for you to be concerned about getting an infection.

I don’t think I’d pay too much attention to this question really. Practice a bit more hygiene and if you do use a dirty toilet, maybe have a shower when you get home and clean up properly.

It is more likely that you’re going to get a yeast infection from a locker room or gym floor or having a shower in those sorts of areas where you can pick up a foot fungal infection, but not likely you’re going to pick up thrush or vaginal or genital yeast infections from a toilet seat. You wouldn’t want to be sitting on a toilet seat that you had any suspect issues about anyway.

I hope that answers your question.

Candida Question #43 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Candida Yeast Infection Connection?

I don’t believe that chronic fatigue syndrome causes a yeast infection as such, but I certainly see there can be a relationship between them both. And I have seen many chronic fatigue syndrome patients with Candida overgrowth. And one of the main reasons this will occur is due to the immune system being compromised.

When you have chronic fatigue syndrome, there are multiple causative factors and many different underlying issues which will challenge your body, but your immune system is often very much compromised. You’ll have poor adrenal health, low cortisol levels, thyroid can be involved, cortisol production may not be sufficient enough to stimulate immunity which can increase your susceptibility and significantly drop your resistance to Candida as well as SIBO or small intestinal bowel overgrowth.

Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome have multiple food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, and many different digestive issues. And as their digestive function becomes increasingly compromised, they become much more susceptible to Candida yeast infection.

So a big part of my treatment with chronic fatigue syndrome is assessing adrenal function and improving this significantly. So I would recommend any patient with chronic fatigue syndrome to do Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue questionnaire. You can read more about Dr. Wilson’s work on and also to have a look at my yeast infection online survey at which will give you some idea if you believe you have a yeast infection, if you’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome.

But there certainly is some correlation between both of these conditions. One of the better ways, in my mind, of improving chronic fatigue syndrome is by working on the digestive health considerably as well as lifestyle factors. It is possible to turn chronic fatigue syndrome around and you can see one of my successes if you go to adrenalnzed; adrenalnzed is the YouTube clip. If you type that into YouTube, you can see one of my first patients that is from New Zealand that I’ve treated on Dr. Wilson’s program, a lady that had chronic fatigue syndrome for many years who is fully recovered now.

If you are looking for solution regarding your chronic fatigue syndrome then I highly recommend following two sources:

1. Dr. James Wilson – AdrenalFatigue.Org
2. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum – EndFatigue.Com

Candida Question #42 Yeast Infection Factor In HIV Positive Patients?

Yeast infections are very common in people who are HIV positive. And one of the main reasons for this will be that they have a very compromised immune system. And furthermore, many of them take immunosuppressant drugs, so conditions which will make a person need an immunosuppressive could be Hepatitis, Hepatitis C, and HIV positive. There are various other diseases where immunosuppression will occur sometimes as part of chemotherapy; other times with auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Immunosuppression can really increase your chances of a yeast infection.

So patients who are HIV positive would do well to work on establishing their level of Candida severity, have a look at my yeast infection survey on, and have a look at a good eradication program.

Candida Crusher is an excellent eradication program and will be of enormous help to those who are HIV positive; not just to eradicate their yeast infection, but also to help significantly increase their immune health and to reduce the chances of many HIV-related immune conditions.