Candida Question #42 Yeast Infection Factor In HIV Positive Patients?

Yeast infections are very common in people who are HIV positive. And one of the main reasons for this will be that they have a very compromised immune system. And furthermore, many of them take immunosuppressant drugs, so conditions which will make a person need an immunosuppressive could be Hepatitis, Hepatitis C, and HIV positive. There are various other diseases where immunosuppression will occur sometimes as part of chemotherapy; other times with auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Immunosuppression can really increase your chances of a yeast infection.

So patients who are HIV positive would do well to work on establishing their level of Candida severity, have a look at my yeast infection survey on, and have a look at a good eradication program.

Candida Crusher is an excellent eradication program and will be of enormous help to those who are HIV positive; not just to eradicate their yeast infection, but also to help significantly increase their immune health and to reduce the chances of many HIV-related immune conditions.