Candida Question #36 Do I need Dietary Supplements? Isn’t Diet Enough?

Do I need dietary supplements? I thought diet was sufficient to help me conquer my yeast infection.

In Section 1 in Chapter 7 of my book, Candida Crusher, there’s about 160 pages worth of diet and nutrition information, and I outline the importance of why diet and nutrition is important but also explain about dietary supplements. In Section 4 of that chapter, however, I go into much more detail about specialized food as well as dietary supplements.

While dietary supplements are not absolutely necessary for you to get rid of a yeast infection, what you will find is they will help you to speed up your recovery considerably. And in many cases of chronic yeast infection, I find them necessary to help you to have a deep-seated recovery from your yeast infection, which you may have had for many years. So while they are not absolutely necessary, they’re of enormous help. And when used carefully and judiciously along with a carefully controlled diet and a healthy balanced lifestyle, they will help you permanently overcome your yeast infection.

How long do you take the supplements for?

To answer that question it depends on how much need you have for them and my recommendations are to stop taking supplements when you no longer have benefits from them. And in some cases that could be three to four months. In other cases, it could be one to two years. So there’s no real clearly defined time for you to stop taking the products.

So I’ve developed certain products and carefully chosen nutrients based on my experience. And after having used hundreds of different types of yeast infection products in my clinic over many years, I’ve come to the conclusion that certain specific nutrients and herbs are paramount in helping you to fully and deeply recover from a yeast infection.

You can read a lot more of those in Chapter 7, Section 4 of the book, Candida Crusher. I’ll explain a little bit more about different types of supplements and nutrients in other frequently asked questions.

Candida Question #33 Do I Have To Follow A Specific Diet On Your Candida Crusher Program?

Well, have a think about it. What do you think contributed to your yeast infection in the first place? It would have been several factors. And one way to get yourself out of this situation is to change your lifestyle and your diet. In fact, these two factors account for 80 percent of your recovery. Many people believe they can get rid of a yeast infection by taking pharmaceutical drugs or dietary supplements, and this is a ridiculous notion. These products may assist, but they will not permanently eradicate the yeast infection.

Diet is paramount in your recovery and the first three to four weeks, in particular, you will need to really make some serious changes. In my book, I describe a particular trick I call the warm turkey approach. Cold turkey is not that pleasant.

So for the first 14 days I’d like you to slowly come down and sort of drop the rubbish from the diet. Remove the alcohol from the diet. Take out the obvious factors like take-out foods, you know, typical junk that many people eat, pizzas and burgers and soda drinks and junk like that. These need to be eliminated very first thing to do. There is no point changing your diet and making all these changes over night. You need to make some small changes initially. Clean up the diet and then go into what I call the induction diet.

I initially put people on what I call the big clean up in my book. So I get them to do warm turkey for 14 days then go into a big cleanup for two weeks and then to go into an induction diet. It’s a very clever idea because it’s going to minimize a lot of aggravations. So the induction diet means you need to look carefully at your carbohydrate choices, take most of the sugars out of the diet, and on and in my book, Candida Crusher, you will get an extensive idea on what to do.

This approach works and I’ve used it now with over 15,000 patients. It works very well indeed. If you take your time and make small changes initially and improve on those changes, you’ll find after several months these changes will be easy for you to do, and they’ll become second nature. If you maintain these dietary choices, or be it loosen up a little, you should not get your yeast infection back again unless you’re going to take antibiotics or have a high-stress lifestyle or get involved in the factors which contributed to your yeast infection which will be drinking endless amounts of soda drinks, eating lots of fried foods, pancakes, donuts, junk like that, you’re going to go straight back into a yeast infection again.

So, yes you do need to follow a specific diet when you’re on my program. The diet has been fine-tuned over many years and if you do it properly, that should be a permanent resolution to your yeast infection.

Candida Question #19 Can A Good Quality Probiotic Treat My Yeast Infection Forever?

Well, a probiotic will certainly help you, but I really don’t believe that a probiotic will cure your yeast infection as such. It can certainly help to repopulate your digestive system and help to reduce the levels of poor bacteria. But once a yeast infection really takes hold in the body, it’s quite difficult to eradicate it by just relying on a probiotic alone.

And in fact in America in 2010 when they enforced GMP or good manufacturing procedures, they discovered that over half the probiotics that were being purchased by people were useless, absolutely therapeutically useless. They had poor strains and hardly any viability at all. So be very careful what type of dietary supplements you buy because there are lots of product out there that are not very viable.

As I mentioned, once Candida becomes widespread, it becomes more difficult to eradicate, probably like a weed in a garden will become more difficult to eradicate when it really takes foothold. So the whole idea is to try and get in before it becomes systemic or too bad. A better approach would be to use an enzyme and probiotic combination; that will give you a better effect than just a probiotic.

If you keep an eye on and, you will soon discover that I’ve developed my own Candida Crusher products with very high quality viability and very specific enzyme probiotic formula which I’m developing right now which will be available soon, so you’ll be able to purchase that very soon with the quality product I have in mind.

So supplements are certainly very, very handy and essential in chronic cases, but most of your work really needs to come from lifestyle and diet. Eighty percent of what I like patients to do is think about their lifestyle and twenty percent about supplementation. I’m not interested in people who are just interested in taking supplements, try to get rid of symptoms, it’s not going to work. You need to address the root causes, look particularly at your lifestyle and diet and supplementation to give you the best effects when it comes to crushing Candida.

So I hope that answers your question. Thank you, Bill.