Candida Question #33 Do I Have To Follow A Specific Diet On Your Candida Crusher Program?

Well, have a think about it. What do you think contributed to your yeast infection in the first place? It would have been several factors. And one way to get yourself out of this situation is to change your lifestyle and your diet. In fact, these two factors account for 80 percent of your recovery. Many people believe they can get rid of a yeast infection by taking pharmaceutical drugs or dietary supplements, and this is a ridiculous notion. These products may assist, but they will not permanently eradicate the yeast infection.

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Diet is paramount in your recovery and the first three to four weeks, in particular, you will need to really make some serious changes. In my book, I describe a particular trick I call the warm turkey approach. Cold turkey is not that pleasant.

So for the first 14 days I’d like you to slowly come down and sort of drop the rubbish from the diet. Remove the alcohol from the diet. Take out the obvious factors like take-out foods, you know, typical junk that many people eat, pizzas and burgers and soda drinks and junk like that. These need to be eliminated very first thing to do. There is no point changing your diet and making all these changes over night. You need to make some small changes initially. Clean up the diet and then go into what I call the induction diet.

I initially put people on what I call the big clean up in my book. So I get them to do warm turkey for 14 days then go into a big cleanup for two weeks and then to go into an induction diet. It’s a very clever idea because it’s going to minimize a lot of aggravations. So the induction diet means you need to look carefully at your carbohydrate choices, take most of the sugars out of the diet, and on and in my book, Candida Crusher, you will get an extensive idea on what to do.

This approach works and I’ve used it now with over 15,000 patients. It works very well indeed. If you take your time and make small changes initially and improve on those changes, you’ll find after several months these changes will be easy for you to do, and they’ll become second nature. If you maintain these dietary choices, or be it loosen up a little, you should not get your yeast infection back again unless you’re going to take antibiotics or have a high-stress lifestyle or get involved in the factors which contributed to your yeast infection which will be drinking endless amounts of soda drinks, eating lots of fried foods, pancakes, donuts, junk like that, you’re going to go straight back into a yeast infection again.

So, yes you do need to follow a specific diet when you’re on my program. The diet has been fine-tuned over many years and if you do it properly, that should be a permanent resolution to your yeast infection.

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