Is it okay to take lufenuron on candida diet?

Thanks for checking out the video. Is Lufenuron good on Candida diet? A chitin synthesis inhibitor, is it a good product to take when I’m on a strict yeast infection diet when I’m trying to eradicate Candida? It’s not. Don’t take this stuff.

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I’ve made a few videos before regarding these chitin synthesis inhibitors and Lufenuron. This stuff’s just garbage. I’ve seen too many people with side effects and feeling sick who take this product way more than you would like to know about.

I’ve been seeing Candida patients now for 26 years and I treat people from all around the world on Skype, and I’m routinely hearing from people who’ve taken this product who feel sick. They’ve had bad diarrhea, so don’t take it. Don’t take this product. You don’t need it on the Candida diet. Most people can get a massive improvement just by diet alone. And if you want to take an antifungal, look at a natural antifungal, something with garlic in it, oregano in it, grapefruit seed extract, maybe a bit of black walnut, a bit of clove, a bit of berberine, so look for a balanced antifungal, preferably in a sustained release form that’s going to work for a few hours. Something that’s not going to make you feel sick or that’s going to create die off. Those products are available.

Lufenuron is not something I endorse at all. I’m particularly unhappy with some of these websites how they promote these products, talking that diets don’t work, antifungals don’t work, and that only this chitin synthesis inhibitor works. It doesn’t work. It makes people sick. It may work for a minority of people. Science has clearly shown it not to work. It is not endorsed by people like Dr. Jeff McCombs or myself. I believe Jeff and I are pretty well much on point when it comes to yeast infections. This is a nonsense product marketed by a person with no medical skill or ability, so you want to keep away from products that are designed to kill fleas to take for human beings. Take it at your own risk.

Candida diet, go and check out You’re going to find a lot of good information on that site regarding Candida. I believe in an approach that Dr. John Trowbridge came up with many years ago, a friend of Dr. William Cook, meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt, so generally lean proteins, eggs, plenty of leafy greens and yogurt, and you can put a few different type of carbs in there, but we do like to keep people away from wheat, in particular, and gluten.

Eating the right kind of food, living the right kind of lifestyle is your number one priority when it comes to eradicating Candida, not taking some nonsense product that’s just going to be a fad for a year or two and then it’ll go and there will be some other fad coming out. Keep your money in your back pocket and don’t spend it on these nonsense novel products.

If you want to look for a really good antifungal, check out Canxida on That product is entirely different. It’s not going to work on inhibiting the chitin in the cell wall. It’s 11 different ingredients in there targeted, not just for Candida, but also for parasites or for bad bacteria, so entirely different ball game.

I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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