Is your candida crusher book a scam Eric Bakker?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher.

In this video, I would just like to mention—let you know that there are people on the internet that are using my name, Eric Bakker, and also my book, Candida Crusher, for their own financial gain. These people are false, fake personalities. They’re scammers. What they’re doing is they’re using my 25 years of knowledge for their own financial gain. They’re fake people hiding behind fake identities. If those fake people can hear me right now, I would like them to step forward and make themselves known who they are because they’re using my hard-earned knowledge for their own gain, and it’s not really fair.

This is what the internet is all about folks. It’s about people like me that have got genuine intentions and it’s about fake people that rip people like you right off. We find it all across the internet. We’re also finding it with Candida, so I’d like to “crush” those people if I could get my hands on them.

My intent with my book was to help folks like you out with a yeast infection and not to scam you. I made my money years ago and paid off my mortgage when I was driving a truck a long time ago. My wife and I worked hard and we saved hard. I’ve had a clinic for 20+ years helping people out and have written a book after three years of writing and research.

I’m not transparent. You can see who I am right here now. You can see all my hundreds of videos, my Twitter account, and my LinkedIn account with many doctors and practitioners on there. You can see my New Zealand website. You can even come and visit me at my clinic, so you couldn’t get more genuine than that. So I’m far from a fake scamming person.

If you see any other products or books or endorsements pointing toward Candida Crusher then, in fact, aren’t my book or my products, then you’ll know you’re dealing with a scammer. So I’d like you to sidestep those people and go for the real deal.

Thank you.

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