Can I have grapefruit juice on candida diet?

Thanks for checking out the video. Is grapefruit juice good for Candida is a question that was asked of me. It doesn’t really matter if you have grapefruit juice or not. I don’t feel it’s that beneficial. The only reason I recommend you have grapefruit juice would be to add grapefruit seed extract in the juice, so you can get liquid grapefruit seed extract, which I find to be very, very good and it will blend quite well and help to mask the extremely bitter taste of the grapefruit seed extract. I call it GSE, grapefruit seed extract.

GSE is an extremely powerful antifungal. I find that garlic extract and grapefruit seed extract combined have exceptionally good, potent, wide spectrum activity for eradicating Candida and bad bacteria and parasites from the body.

The seeds of most fruits contain a very powerful component of that fruit because after all, they have to begin life, so for something that you put in the ground that can grow into quite a large tree has to have a lot of goodness in it and a lot of potency in it. The fruit itself just doesn’t have the power that the seed has got. And particularly the citrus seeds in general, lemon seed, orange seed, lime seed, grapefruit seed, tangelo seed, all these seeds are very powerful.

Doctor Harag from Florida many years ago discovered that there’s something in GSE that sets it beyond anything else we’ve ever discovered. Harag wanted to find the world’s strongest product when it came to sterilizing and cleansing, and GSE was originally used in hospitals in America and even in municipal pools and Olympic swimming pools for sterilizing these from bacteria until, of course, the pharmaceutical industry came onboard and said, “Hey, this is all crap. We’ve got chemicals for that,” and put an end to it all.

But GSE is very good for sterilizing spa pools, for example, swimming pools; it’s good for cleaning down bench tops. It’s good for a whole wide range of cleansing purposes in your house or restaurant or hotel, whatever you’ve got, but it’s exceptionally good for cleaning the internal body of a yeast infection. And if you find it too bitter to take, just get a tablespoon of grapefruit juice and put a few drops in there and take it internally.

A word of warning, though, with grapefruit seed extract, it contains a flavonoid called Naringenin and Naringenin has an interesting effect on upregulating the liver phase one endogenic pathways, so people on certain types of pharmaceutical drugs can’t take grapefruit seed extract or the grapefruit juice itself because it will cause the liver to allow a prolonged life in the body of that drug. Make sure if you’re taking a pharmaceutical drug to check out online if there is any clash between that drug and grapefruit juice because there could well be. It’s one of the only things I know in nature that can really severely interfere with people with certain types of pharmaceutical drugs.

So thanks for checking out this video.

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