Is it okay to have sex if I have jock itch?

Thanks for tuning in. We’re talking about a bit of a sensitive topic today, so I’m going to talk about jock itch and having sex with your partner. Might be a bit uneasy for some guys to talk about this kind of topic, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

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In the early days of my practice, I worked with a medical practitioner, a gay medical practitioner, in fact, to be honest with you, but I had a great relationship with this guy in the clinic and I saw lots of different kinds of patients. I saw lots of straight males. I saw lots of gay males. I saw lots of lesbians and straight women, but the thing is, I talked with a lot of patients about sex. I’m one of these practitioners that talk to their patients about everything.

Sexual relations is an important part of our relationships with people, whether we are straight or gay. I don’t care. I don’t look at a person’s sexuality. I look at the person, to be honest. Now to be honest with you, I’ve dealt with a lot of people with STDs in the past, with venereal warts, with Chlamydia, with Herpes, but also with Candida yeast infections.

I can tell you something. If you’ve got jock itch as a guy or a vaginal infection as a woman, there’s one thing I want you to really think about. It’s easy to pass a Candida yeast infection from one person to another. It is possible. We can’t really say that a yeast infection of the private area is a sexually transmitted disease, but it can be transmitted sexually. It certainly can, and I’ve seen this with many of my patients in the past.

If you’re a guy and you have jock itch and you’ve got a girlfriend or a wife or a partner and you’re a bit worried about it, then you really need to take precautions because you can move this tinea infection from one person to another. It certainly can happen. I’m talking about tinea cruris or jock itch. It can happen.

It’s not easy to move like toenail fungus from one person to another unless you’re doing some unusual things, but you can certainly pass a genital yeast infection from one person to another. It can be done, and I’ve heard it done. I’ve talked to many patients who’ve moved these infections from one person to another, and it’s not a pleasant thing to do.

What do you do? Do you put on a condom? Is it going to make any difference if you’ve got a yeast infection in the rectal area or the scrotum, do you think a condom is going to help? Probably not. Oral sex probably is not quite the same as having sex in other ways, genital sex, but if you’ve got jock itch, especially if it’s really bad, you need to be pretty good with hygiene and think carefully what you’re doing here because you can move these infections across.

My recommendations are if you’ve got quite bad jock itch is to try to clear it up as much as you can, and take precautions when you’re having sexual intercourse because you can move these infections across. Try to do the right thing by your partner. Try to improve your gastrointestinal health and also your local health in that region.

You can read a lot more in Candida Crusher about how to avoid transmission of a jock itch infection from one person to another, and it’s certainly possible to do. It may be a bit more difficult in casual sex, but if you’re in a committed relationship like I am, think about your partner more carefully. Be open and honest with your partner. Talk about these sort of things, and make sure you get the right kind of treatment. Go to and look at the treatment and please do my yeast infection quiz. I want you to nail this thing. It’s not fair on your partner if you don’t talk about jock itch, and you transfer it to your partner, whether your partner is male or female. You really need to be serious about this and get on top of it.

Jock itch can be fixed up, and if you follow my treatment methods, you can nail this thing in three to six months. I’ve helped a lot of patients just like you to nail this thing. It’s an awful condition. I had it myself and it can be nailed.

So take my advice. Go to Do my quiz and do the right thing by your partner if you’re in a sexual relationship.

Thanks for tuning in.

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