Is it okay to take probiotics and antifungal at same time for candida treatment?

Frequently asked question. Can I take antifungals with probiotics for Candida treatment? You can, and, in fact, they actually work really well together, not against each other like is commonly believed.

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Many people believe that if you’re taking a probiotic, it’s going to get cancelled out by the antifungal product. This is not true, particularly if you take an antifungal dietary supplement that contains a lot of natural foods like garlic extract or argan oil. These things don’t kill beneficial bacteria. People have been consuming these natural foods for thousands of years, and many people who consume these foods do not have horrific die off. They don’t have horrific yeast infections. They also have very large amounts of beneficial bacteria in their digestive system.

What we know also from research – even the medical people – there was an article written in a gastroenterology journal in 2008 where they said that probiotics actually, in fact, are very beneficial to take alongside antibiotics. Research found that it stopped diarrhea, so you can take these together. I don’t even believe you need to take them apart. Probiotics actually will certainly live in the digestive system. We know that from people who eat yogurt and foods like that. There is belief that if you take a probiotic with food, it will cancel out. It will get killed by digestive enzymes, but that’s not the case. There are many types of bacteria that live in the stomach environment, in fact. There are bacteria that live throughout the digestive system in a wide range of pH conditions. So don’t make these assumptions because you read this sort of information from what I call “arm chair” experts on Google. A lot of this stuff is rubbish. It’s nonsense. Feel free to take probiotics and enzymes with food and also an antifungal supplement with food.

It is probably prudent to take one at the beginning of the meal and one at the end of the meal, for example. You can separate them. You don’t necessarily have to take them together, but you don’t need to split them up by several hours as some people say. I just don’t really believe that’s the right solution. The main thing is to take these things and not sort of intellectualize when you should take them, as long as you take them on a regular basis. That’s going to make the difference because a lot of people don’t even take supplements, and other people say you need to take them at this time or that time. Just take them and see what happens.

So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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