Is Caprylic Acid For Candida Treatment Good

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, and I’m the author of the book called Candida Crusher and the formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements. I’ve got an email from a gentleman called Gregory and Gregory lives in Kent in England in the UK. And Gregory wants to know if Caprylic acid is good for treating Candida, if it’s effective for Candida.

Gregory, it’s highly effective. Caprylic acid is a very good monounsaturated fatty acid. It’s a really fantastic approach for Candida. There are different kinds of fatty acids similar to this. There is lauric acid, Caprylic acid, Capric acid, undecenoic acid, so these acids have got a very good antifungal approach by interfering with the cell wall of Candida. Particularly effective to use if the Candida is not seriously bad.

Some people have got cell wall types of Candida and also the hyphal types because Candida can transfer from one form to another. It can change. And I’ve mentioned in a previous video by using biotin or B7, that you can actually prevent this change from the cell to the fungal form to the hyphal form. Caprylic acid doesn’t work so well on the hyphal or the fine filamentous form of Candida. It works more on the cellular form.

If you’ve got mild to moderate Candida, it’s going to work exceptionally well. It’s also good to combine Caprylic acid with undecenoic acid. Having both of these acids together in one supplement is going to give you a better kill on a wider range of Candida strains. Sometimes one form won’t work, but the other form will work. And then combining with biotin is an even more clever approach because it’s going to stop the change from one form of Candida to the other. Check out my product called Canxida Remove. It contains all of these and way more than that. Caprylic acid is very effective and it’s found primarily in coconut. By consuming coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut water, you’ll be getting Caprylic acid into your diet.

University studies in Japan have showed it to be highly effective against various Candida strains. So do I recommend Caprylic acid? I do. You can take it during any part of the Candida Crusher diet. You can take it at the beginning. You can take it during. You can take it after. So it’s quite safe and effective. Just be sure if you’re going to take it as dietary supplement that you don’t just take it on its own. Try also to consume a dietary supplement that contains things like grapefruit seed extract, standardized garlic, neem, clove, and oregano, all of these things combined. Because then you’ve got a much more broad-spectrum effect that’s not just going to target Candida like Caprylic acid does, because Caprylic acid does nothing for bacteria that are bad. The broad-spectrum effect is going to ensure you’re going to clean up the whole gut in general. That’s a smart approach.

And again, that’s why I’ve created Canxida Remove for this cleansing broad-spectrum effect to work on SIBO, Candida, IBS, IBD, a lot of these functional bowel disorders. They need a more broad-spectrum product. If you just had Candida on its own, Caprylic acid would work, but it might not necessarily work for the dysbiotic bacteria that you’ve got. In my opinion, most people with Candida have got dysbiotic bacteria as well, so they really need that shotgun approach rather than the rifle approach.

Gregory, I hope that answers your question about Caprylic acid. Is it good? Yes, it is good, but use it in conjunction with other antifungal/anti-bacterial agents. And also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I like making these videos and I really like to see some subscribers come up on the channel. I’ve got about 550 videos, but I aim eventually to have 1,000 videos on this channel. The more the merrier. Subscribe and then you’ll get to hear all of my latest videos coming out all the time, which are going to happen on a wide range of topics. Thanks for tuning in.

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