Candida Leaky Gut Diet Foods To Avoid

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of a range of products called Canxida. Thanks for checking out this video. I’ve got a question here from a guy on YouTube called Pro Chess Player. I think his name is Josh and Josh is asking me “Eric, can you please do a video on foods to avoid for Leaky Gut syndrome?”

Josh, one thing you and I have got in common. I think I’ve checked out your site. You love playing chess. So do I, but I keep getting beaten by my teenage son, which is really annoying for me. One thing I don’t get beaten by is questions for Candida, so we’re going to address that right now.

What are some foods to avoid with leaky gut? Well, I’ve just spent a little bit of time on the internet looking at a lot of sites on leaky gut syndrome to get a feel for what the general consensus is out there. Here’s quite a well-known website from a very well-known doctor in America who will remain nameless and this doctor is saying, “Foods that cause leaky gut, gluten, cow’s products, sugar, unsprouted grains, and GMO.” Very true, doctor, but there are a lot of things that you’re missing out on. I’m going to go into some detail with this video. Grains, I’ve got another site, in fact, I just went to Google and typed in foods to avoid with leaky gut, and the came up. Grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, unhealthy oils, alcohol, caffeine, excessive carbohydrate consumption. This is a bit closer to the mark.

But when you’ve got leaky gut, basically, a good advice for you with foods to avoid in general is processed foods. Processed foods, in general. So when you go shopping, I’ve said this before in videos, if you do shop at a supermarket, buy your foods only from the outside perimeter. Meats, vegetables, perishable products because these are less likely to cause problems with leaky gut. It is true that alcohol and caffeine do cause leaky gut. Alcohol, to me, is the top of the “no” tree when it comes to leaky gut. If you would say to me, “What food is most associated with leaky gut?” I would say alcohol.

What out of everything I know is associated with leaky gut is antibiotics. That’s really the top of the biggest tree is antibiotics or all kinds of pharmaceutical medications, anti-inflammatories, steroids, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, any kind of a drug, for blocking stomach acid or reducing pain. All of these drugs are involved in leaky gut. Including Tylenol, paracetamol, any of these kind of drugs. Birth control pills, all involved with leaky gut. But antibiotics are the top of the tree.

But when we look at foods and beverages, alcohol is right at the top, so don’t even think about drinking alcohol if you’re worried about leaky gut. And even if your gut is healthy like mine, drinking alcohol occasionally will predispose you to leaky gut. You will make your gut increasingly leaky by drinking. Every drink you take increases your likelihood of making the gut leakier and leakier. And then on top of that if you put antibiotics and high stress in there, you’re a sitting duck for a serious leaky gut problem.

Grains, yes and no. I believe that most people can tolerate small amounts of gluten in their diet when they’re healthy like me. I don’t eat bread or flour products. I much prefer to have brown rice in my diet and grains like quinoa or millet. But I do have a piece of bread every now and then and I really enjoy a nice piece of toast with some tahini or an organic peanut butter. And I really enjoy the taste, the texture, the smell, and I’m sure most people do. I would not eat a piece of bread every single day with peanut butter on it. I wouldn’t do that. It’s just every now and then; these things are fine.

Grains in general. You need to be careful of refined flours, white flour, donuts, cookies, these sorts of foods. Every time I go to the airport and fly out, I see the donut stand and you see all the big large people sitting there buying donuts with all these sugar toppings. That’s crap. That’s the sort of stuff you want to avoid. Ice cream, refined carbohydrates, these sorts of foods. That’s the sugars. Chocolate bars full of sugar, candy, confectionary, lollies, licorice, all these sorts of things. These really help to breed lots of bacteria and lower immunity and really help to increase the leakiness of the gut there as well.

Coming back to grains. Everything’s Paleo today. I don’t really believe in the Paleo diet myself as such any more than I subscribe to any one particular religion. Because to me diets today are like religious beliefs. We’ve got the Muslims, the Catholics, Protestants, the Bahai, and Mormons. So we’ve got the Paleo people, the vegan people, and we’ve got the similar kind. They’re all belief systems. It’s up to you to believe what you want to believe. To me, a healthy diet is a balanced diet that includes a lot of these different belief systems. And you need to work out what the right belief system is for you in terms of your gut. Perhaps spiritually as well.

What am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that healthy people can tolerate small amounts of wheat and gluten quite okay. And if you’re very sick and you’ve got serious gut problems, you probably need to avoid most grains until you improve your gut flora to a degree where you can tolerate small amounts. I think psychologically it’s good to have small amounts of different kinds of grains in your diet. Legumes, in many cases, are fine with leaky gut providing again you don’t go overboard with legumes. And there are many different kinds of legumes and beans that you can eat. Sprouted legumes are probably the best ones to have in your diet. I like sprouts. I make sprouts up all the time.

Dairy products definitely a problem, cow dairy with people in terms of if they’ve got leaky gut to make it worse, but also stimulating the production of leaky gut when consumed in conjunction with alcohol and antibiotics and things like that. The better dairy products to have would be mozzarella cheese; goat’s cheese is usually okay. Mozzarella, I think, is one of the better cheeses to have, but drinking lots of cow’s milk is not a good idea because it leaves you wide open to stimulating the gut to become leaky. Even healthy people, I believe, should avoid cow’s milk. Even if it’s like organic, certified organic or non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, or milk with modified beta casein in it. I’m not a big fan of these kind of foods.

Sugars are certainly something you need to avoid if you want to avoid the risk of leaky gut. Most kinds of sugars. I don’t put honey in that realm. Honey does contain sugar, but honey has a different effect on the gut than refined sugars do a completely different effect. Again, they’re best avoided for people with leaky gut until they recover the gut function. But I’m also talking about artificial sugars, which I think belong in the toxic realm.

Unhealthy oils, I’m definitely for this. Avoiding corn oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, so these are really crappy oils. And hydrogenated fats, fats that become hard at room temperature to increase the shelf life of different processed foods. So the better oils really would be organic sunflower oil, macadamia oil, nut oils are beautiful oils, walnut oil, high quality extra virgin olive oil, very good. There are many different kinds of very healthy oils you can have, but they should be kept cool or refrigerated in sealed dark bottles away from light to stop oxidation. Coconut oil, of course, if it’s a good fermented coconut oil, a good quality one, is not going to create a leaky gut problem.

I’ve already spoken about alcohol. The biggest contributor of all is regular alcohol consumption. Caffeine. I don’t think caffeine is a no-no. I think one cup of coffee a day for most people is perfectly acceptable if they can tolerate caffeine. So one cup in the morning is usually fine and it makes you feel good. A lot of people like the aroma and taste of coffee. Avoiding all these things entirely from your diet because some Paleo person says so, I think, can be quite difficult for a lot of people to swallow.

Excessive carb consumption. Well, that goes without saying. But remember there’s carbs in a lot of foods. You don’t avoid all carbs. You just avoid the refined carbs. I hope that gives you some information, Josh, about foods to avoid if you’ve got leaky gut or to stop the development of leaky gut. Processed foods.

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