Using Biotin on Candida Diet

Greetings. It’s naturopath Eric Bakker from New Zealand. I’m the author of a book called Candida Crusher. You can see that at And I’m also the formulator of a range of products called Canxida. You can see those at Today, we’re going to talk about biotin. Is biotin any good for Candida? This is a question that was asked by a lady called Andrea Hall from Perth, Australia. Andrea, I’m going to talk about biotin today. What it is. If it’s any good for Candida. It will be quite an interesting video for you to check out. And I’m sure there will be viewers on YouTube with Candida or that just have an interest in biotin.

Biotin is kind of a B vitamin. It’s really a co-enzyme like a lot of B vitamins and some people call it Vitamin B7. It’s required to help render fatty acids into energy. It’s very important also to allow certain types of amino acids to function properly. And folate, for example, functions really well when there’s sufficient biotin in the body. It’s a very important stimulator of healthy cells in your body. It performs multiple functions and it’s critical.

One of the key roles in Candida when I did a lot of research into biotin is that it helps to prevent the conversion or the change from the cell form of Candida, the round form, into the more mycelial or hypha form like the fine fungus like thread that Candida can convert to, and biotin actually will stop that process.

One thing I have to tell you at the beginning of this video is that don’t eat raw eggs. Raw eggs, particularly the egg whites, contain a protein called avidin, and avidin will actually bind to biotin and help to remove it out of the body. So raw eggs are not good at all, if you’ve got Candida. And also, they’re hard to digest. It’s much easier for the body to break down and render denatured proteins into amino acids than if they are in their raw form, so lightly cook egg whites before you eat them rather than to swallow them liquid or put them in blenders. It’s not a good idea to eat raw eggs. Just slightly cooking them is a way better idea. That way, you’re not really going to get the problem with the biotin deficiency.

Some people also have a biotinidase deficiency, a deficiency in the enzyme responsible for utilizing biotin. And that coupled along with poor diets high in fake foods that people eat today like white foods, soda drinks, ice cream, fries, MacDonald’s, that crappy food like that. These foods are depleted in biotin and often will have a biotin deficient diet along with high sugar and high stress. And then on top of that, they have antibiotics. Well, this is really like a Russian roulette for Candida, isn’t it. You’re a sitting duck for a yeast infection.

Dr. Orion Truss wrote a very important book called “The Missing Diagnosis” in 1983. I’ve just got some notes out of my Candida Crusher book because I’ve written quite a bit about biotin there. Truss noticed that people who had diets with sufficient biotin in them didn’t really have a seriously bad yeast infection, and he recommended people eat things like brown rice, egg yolks (cooked), liver and kidney and also organic soybeans. We didn’t have the G in genetically modified soybeans back in those days, and soybeans were considered once a healthy food. Now, they’re considered like toxic waste now by some people. Dr. Truss recognized 30 years ago that people were very deficient in biotin and lacking in the typical SAD diet, standard American diet.

Here’s a picture I’m going to hold up to the screen. I wonder if you can see it. And you can actually see here, if we have a careful look here, you can see the cell of Candida here, and here you can see the mycelial form, the spore form, so that’s how Candida can convert from this form to this form. When you have sufficient biotin in your diet, that’s going to really be halted. That was a 400 times magnification there of Candida. You can clearly see the two types of Candida there.

Dr. Luc De Schepper wrote quite a good book in 1974 called “Candida: The Symptoms, the Causes, and Cure,” and it’s well worth reading by anyone with a serious yeast infection. Luke was a big believer in recommending biotin to patients with yeast infections to stop the yeast infection from going crazy. Because the hypha forms actually can form like little spears, penetrate parts of the body, and implant more yeast in there, almost like little harpoons; whereas, the cell form can’t do that so much. It’s easier for the body to destroy the cell form than the hypha form, so you don’t want that conversion to take place. A Japanese doctor in 1974, Dr. Yamaguchi, noted that when Candida was cultured in a biotin poor dish, it quickly changed to the invasive mycelial form. And as soon as biotin was added, it would halt this progression.

How does biotin work to counter yeast infections? There are a couple of points here. Biotin has the ability to halt Candida from turning into a hypha or mycelial form, which is a lot harder to get rid of and potentially more serious. Dr. Luc De Schepper said to take three milligrams per day if you’ve got a bad yeast infection because it halts that progression. And I also mentioned the biotinidase deficiency. Some people have got a problem with biotinidase, and they can’t recycle or reutilize biotin properly with this deficiency.

And the other thing that is a big problem today is, unfortunately, people have got an issue with beneficial bacteria and they actually help to produce biotin in the gut. So people with very good levels of beneficial bacteria like the lactobacillus species will have more biotin in their bloodstream than people with a lower amount. And that’s why I always recommend probiotics when you’ve got Candida. Check out my Canxida Restore. I’ve made sure to put various types of lactobacillus in that product in a special capsule called Capsugel, which is going to really allow these bugs to get into the small intestine where they belong.

The low carbohydrate biotin self-test. A good friend of mine, Dr. James Wilson from Arizona, the world expert in adrenal fatigue said to me, “Eric, I’ve got the best test for determining biotin insufficiency in people.” Does that sound like an Arizona accent or what? Dr. Wilson said to me, “Strictly avoid carbohydrates and take 3,000 mcg or 3 mg per day of biotin for three days and see if any of your yeast infection symptoms improve. If symptoms improve, especially dramatically, you’re probably suffering from a mycelial Candida overgrowth in your intestines.”

I’m going to make a really top quality Candida multivitamin. It’s on the drawing board. It’s going to be Canxida Rebuild. It’s going to be a superb product. It’ll be in development, which I’ve been working on now for the last six months, but it’s going to contain plenty of biotin in it to stop that conversion. I hope that gives you some explanation there, Andrea, on what biotin is and its importance when it comes to Candida yeast infections and to stop the progression of serious yeast infections.

Thank you for checking out my video. Please subscribe to my channel. Check out my site Do my quiz. And check out my Canxida Remove and Restore products. I think you’ll find those to be superb in your quest to get rid of your yeast infection. Thanks for checking me out today.

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