How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus

You may have seen some of my many videos on the Candida Crusher YouTube channel. Today I’m going to talk about a different topic, which I haven’t really covered much in the past. But I’m going to do a few of these videos, and it’s regarding toenail fungus, so yeast infection of toenails. It’s very, very common. It’s a condition I very commonly see. In fact, I would easily say that half to three quarters of my patients have one or more nails, particularly toenails, with some kind of fungal infection. It’s an extremely common condition. We see a lot of it in the western world, particularly people like myself who wear socks and shoes all the time, office workers.

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I’ve treated patients from many walks of life for a long period of time, and the people I typically see with finger or toenail yeast infections are often people who work in damp or wet surroundings like chefs, cooks, gardeners, market gardeners, people who work in dairy farms, they wear rubber boots all the time, cleaners in offices or hotels. These are people that we commonly see having a yeast infection. When you think about it, yeast loves warmth. It loves darkness. It loves moisture. All these sort of environments which yeast really thrive in, in the groin, the vaginal area, and the toenails.

Toenail fungus is more common than fingernail fungus, although I do see quite a bit in people with their fingernails as well. It’s commonly mistaken, in fact, for psoriasis of the nails. When, in fact, it’s not psoriasis, it’s actually a yeast infection. There are various kinds of species of yeast that live around the fingernail and under the fingernail.

Let’s look at some of the common causes of toenail fungus. I think the number one cause is people wearing sneakers and socks prolonged. Women wearing pantyhose or providing an environment where this yeast can thrive. If you wear socks, you need to take them off regularly. If you can walk barefoot in your office like me, I’m lucky. You wouldn’t know, but I have bare feet. I like walking around barefoot in my office. If I’m seeing patients, naturally, I’ll have socks and shoes on, but I try to take my socks and shoes off most of the time and just have bare feet or some leather sandals that I like to wear around the place for airing out the feet. Feet really like hands need to have lots of air flowing around them, some sunlight exposure. And this is why you’re going to typically see more toenail fungus than fingernail fungus. We don’t often wear gloves on our hands. And if we do, we take them off. But we wear socks for eight to ten hours a day all the time. This is a typical cause or a contributing cause. Some of the leading causes we’re going to see later really are more diet and stress related.

Another one is clipping the toenails. People who tear the toenails, who cut them too short, which leaves a small wound that allows bacteria or fungus to get in there and start seeding more fungi around and under the nail. And before you know it, you’ve got the beginning of a toenail infection. Remember, if you have got a toenail infection, it’s important to find the cause of it. And also try to understand it’s not just affecting you locally with the toenail or a fingernail, it’s affecting you systemically, so it’ll be internal.

Topical treatments purely on the nail are a waste of time. You’re wasting your time just putting Lamisil on your toenail or trying to treat the nail externally without looking at the internal contributing factors. Very smart move if you do. Internal treatment and external treatment because this is how you’re going to really “nail” the nail infection. If you want to get rid of it permanently, you need to make changes on multiple levels. Treating it purely on a local level is pretty stupid. You get rid of it for a while, but it’ll usually come back again.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t pick up toenail infection or tinea or yeast infections between the toes from locker rooms. A lot of people think if you walk around barefoot around a gym, you instantly get an infection involving a yeast that will grow tinea pedis, a tinea infection, around the feet or between the toes. It’s not true. Many people walk around barefoot in all areas around the world, including gyms, that never get these infections. Some people do. I bet you that the people who are more prone to these infections who say that they “catch” them are the ones that tend to have too much sugar in their diet, alcohol in their diet. Foods and beverages. Chicken with antibiotics in it, for example. I’ve spoken about this a lot because a lot of our foods today, our meat foods, we consume these primary proteins that do contain chemicals, and these chemicals affect our gut. They can increase our susceptibility toward many different kinds of intestinal infections and allergies. Be careful the kind of foods you eat.

Try to read some more of my information on, one of the world’s most informative websites I’ve been told for yeast infections. Don’t forget to do my quiz on It’s one of the world’s best online yeast infection quizzes. Let’s look at the causes again. So common causes of yeast infection, as I mentioned, are wearing socks, pantyhose, shoes too long, keeping the feet in environments where they’re quite damp and moist.

One of the worst cases I’ve ever seen was a lady who worked on a dairy farm whose feet were for many hours in rubber boots and they’re wet quite a lot of the time, and she had a horrific yeast infection involving the feet and the nails. Her doctor, in fact, wanted to send her to a surgeon to get surgical treatment done to take lots of pieces of skin off and even do skin grafting to her foot because it was so bad, which I thought was a joke. It took this lady a good six months to get a complete cure of this problem. Basically, I got her out of the rubber boots and got her to wear plastic open sandals and I got her to dry her feet with a hair dryer a few times a day, and we used tea tree oil. We got rid of the condition. It was horrific, absolutely horrific.

Similarly, I’ve seen with chefs. I’ve had some terrible conditions seen of people who do a lot of cooking, preparations in kitchens, who clean and I’ve seen this sort of thing, too. Remember, if you have got a yeast infection involving the toenails or between the toes, you need to really expose your feet to dry warm environment, sunlight, salt water, kick off those socks and shoes as much as you can. Don’t wear pantyhose that often. Change the environment. Make it more hostile toward yeast, which will mean it will be easier to get rid of and harder for it to come back.

Other causes are antibiotics in your diet or antibiotics taken as a medicine. Okay, so don’t take antibiotics. Antibiosis means antilife. Why would you take something that’s antilife? That’s dumb. It’s ridiculous. To me it’s almost as stupid as taking on credit continually, credit, credit, credit, without even thinking about making payments. In the end, you’re going to end up totally bankrupt. And it’s the same with your health. If you keep killing and killing, you’re going to end up literally bankrupt. I get too many patients with incredibly bad chronic conditions who rely on antibiotics for every cough and sniffle, so don’t do it. Don’t go there. Don’t take these drugs. They’re disgusting drugs. You may need to use them once in your lifetime for bacterial pneumonia, but generally, I never recommend antibiotics. My four children have never had antibiotics. I just don’t even go there with them. They’re all adults now with great health. We never raised them on any kind of drugs or pharmaceuticals. In fact, they’ve never been to doctors or hospitals. I hear the same with many of my patients. You don’t need drugs.

Understand the causes with your yeast infection. Now let’s look at some of the best treatments you can use for this. As I mentioned, sunlight, salt water, tea tree oil, oregano oil. Oregano oil is a bit more powerful than tea tree oil to use. You sometimes don’t really need to go for powerful treatments. One drop of tea tree oil on each affected nail, cut the nail very short, and get the tea tree oil around the nail margin and just put one drop on the nail every single day. Persistence breaks resistance. Continue and persist with it. In three to six months treatment, you’re going to get rid of this nail infection.
I’m going to read to you out of my book, the ten quick tips for nail yeast infections. This will reduce your chances of getting recurring fungal infections. I highly recommend you follow these ten rules. This is out of Candida Crusher. Keep your hands and feet clean and dry. With your toes again, after a shower, towel dry and even use a hair dryer to really thoroughly dry the feet. Don’t wear socks in bed. If you’ve got cold feet, get your thyroid checked out. There could be problem there, but you should never wear socks in bed. Dumb idea. Also gloves. Try not to wear gloves continually. And if you do, make sure you dry your hands thoroughly after you use them. Hot sweaty hands need to be cleaned a few times per day then dried out.

Number two. Go barefoot. Go barefoot as much as you can. Sand, sun and salt, the three key things which I like people to get involved in. So a couple of times a week if you can in the summer go to the beach and walk around in the margin of the sand and the ocean. You’ll find you’ll get rid of this nail infection pretty quick.

Sunlight. Sunlight is very hostile toward yeast infections. So for jock itch, for toenail fungus, even for psoriasis, sunlight proves to be a very powerful ally in your quest to get rid of a toenail fungus or a yeast infection. So make sure you use the sun quite a lot. Fifteen minutes a day. An exposure in the middle of the day for a few minutes is fine as long as you’re not in too long, but preferably around 10:00 or 3:00, 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. is a good time to do it.

Replacing your socks every day. Never wear the same pair of socks twice in a row. Cotton socks to absorb moisture. Never wear nylon or poly blend. Just wear pure cotton socks. Every day, chuck them in the bin with a bit of bleach in there and keep putting clean fresh socks on. With your shoes, put one to two drops of tea tree oil in the shoe on the inside where the toes are per week, one to two drops. That’s going to help to draw a lot of these substances out of the oil into the shoe. It’s going to put the vapor through there and kill any fungal spores. It’s a clever idea to do.

Rotate your shoes, too. Another good idea, so have three or four pairs of shoes and always rotate them. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes continually for weeks on end. Maybe one or two days, stick them out, let them air out with a bit of tea tree oil, next pair of shoes. Clever move. Also sandals.

So many people with bad toenail fungus have the same pair of shoes they wear continually. Use natural remedies and drop the drugs. You don’t need drugs.

Lamisil, drugs like that, just can these drugs. Use tea tree oil. Another one you can do is put some crushed garlic on a really bad toe. You can actually crush garlic and get the juice out of it and that’s extremely powerful for a fungal toenail infection.

Foot spa or footbath. Very clever idea. With a footbath, you can actually put a little bit of water-soluble tea tree oil or just pure tea tree oil in the footbath. It works quite well. Some patients I know use apple cider vinegar in the footbath and a bit of tea tree oil. Colloidal silver. There are many solutions for you to use to get rid of a yeast infection of the nails. Tea tree oil, I think, is one of the best. Make sure it’s Australian tea tree oil, Melaleuca alternifolia. The best tea tree oils in the world are grown in New South Wales in Australia and they come from the Ballina Region. Thursday Plantation is one of the best. A very, very clever product to use.

The Australian government, in fact, found tea tree oil so powerful; the soldiers who went out on the WWI were issued with a bottle of tea tree oil in their kit. Did you know that? Incredible. The medicos back then knew of the power of tea tree oil, so these guys going off to places like Turkey to fight had tea tree oil in their kit bag. Lots of soldiers who went to the Vietnam War in the ’60s also took tea tree oil with them. It shows you how powerful this is for people in the government level to make the recommendation.

Be cautious of artificial nails and nail salons. Watch out, these places are toxic dumps. You shouldn’t really go there. They stink of toluene and all these filthy chemicals. They’re not really good places to go to. There’s also a risk of contamination there, so be careful. You could actually pick up a nail infection from these sort of places. It’s not really good to sit in a toxic environment and breathe all those chemicals in.

Crushed garlic. I’ve already mentioned crushed garlic. But the tenth one is never, never, never, never give up. Don’t give up. Always keep on keeping on. You will get rid of this infection. If you treat internally effectively with the Candida Crusher diet or the MEVY diet, meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt. You eat special antifungal foods which I’ve outlined in my book. You take a good antifungal supplement like Canxida Remove. You can find that at You take that two to three times per day and you’re going to really get this yeast infection under control because you’re going to kill off all this rubbish inside.

You’re going to help get rid of bad bacteria, parasites and yeast. You’re going to boost your immune function up internally. You’re going to allow the beneficial bacteria to grow. That coupled with the local treatment is very smart.

But even better, try to understand the role that stress plays with yeast infections. I’ve just had Skype consultations with three or four American patients today that work and live under high stress situations. Two out of three of them were divorced. A terrible situation to be in. One guy said to me, “When my marriage fell apart, that’s when my health fell apart.” I hear this routinely from people. One of the biggest stresses our lives are people, especially dysfunctional relationships with partners, employees, or employers or with our children. So when you have these problems and they manifest like that, they have quite a powerful effect on making us not feel good about our lives.

These things affect our stress axis, our ability to maintain good hormonal levels to combat things like infections. If you really want to get down to it and do a good job eradicating a yeast infection whether it’s vaginal, toenail, scalp, jock itch, I don’t care what it is you need to give your immune system the best possible chance of being a powerful ally in your fight against this infection. And how are you going to do it? Understanding the relationship with stress. The best kept secret. Understand how the adrenals and thyroid need to function optimally to power your immune system up to get rid of any kind of infection, including cancers.

We know that 90 percent of cancers can basically be prevented with diet and lifestyle, so that’s a pretty powerful statement. If you go online and do some searches, you’ll find what I’m saying is correct. If diet and lifestyle can help us reduce the incidence of cancer, surely, it should help us to prevent from getting something like a yeast infection.

I hope I’ve given you enough information today to give you a good heads up on how to “nail” your nail infection. Pretty lame, isn’t it? So don’t use drugs. Use natural medicines. You’ll feel better in the long run without creating toxic side effects. Understand that persistence breaks resistance. Please do my Candida survey on Check out And if you want the best antifungal on the market, check out It took me a long time to make this product. I’m proud of it. I’m getting stunning feedback from it, including many patients from countries around the world who’ve got toenail yeast infections.

That’s going to wrap up my YouTube video today. Thank you so much for tuning in.

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