Candida Consulting Services

Thank you for checking out my new video today. I’m going to talk about Candida consulting services today. I often get asked by patients from all around the world, Eric, do you see people with Candida? Can you help me? Can you treat me? I’ve been sick for a long time. I’ve seen many doctors. I’ve been to dozens of naturopaths and chiropractors and specialists and all kinds of medical people and I just don’t seem to be getting well. Can you help me out?

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I can help you out. I can’t be your primary care doctor. Meaning I can’t really be available for you all the time for every kind of question that you might have regarding every aspect of your health. You’re better off keeping with your primary doctor in that case, but just getting an expert opinion from me regarding your yeast infection or digestive problem, chronic parasite problem, gut problem, thyroid problem, or adrenal problem.

I treat many different types of chronic cases, but generally, I offer an expert consultancy to patients rather than taking over their primary care. So you’re better off sticking with your conventional GP or medical doctor for that. But if you want a second opinion, if you want me to run my eyes over some tests that you’ve done, if you’re stuck in a rut, you’re not getting anywhere with your health, and you want to shift to a new level, by all means, you can consult with me.

The best way to contact me really is through You’ll see either a consultation or a clinic link there you can click that will take you through, and you can read a lot more on that site regarding consultancy. Currently, I have a lot of patients in America, both on the west coast and the east coast, but also many different states. I’ve got patients in South America. I’ve got patients all throughout Europe, most of the European countries. I’ve got patients in Iceland even. Many different places I have contact with people generally through Skype. Skype is the preferred way to contact me. Go to You can read up more about that.

What do you look out for when it comes to Candida? How do you know that the practitioner is going to be able to help you with Candida? In my experience, many people I see get a reasonable service from a practitioner, but often they just don’t get to the heart of the matter. They don’t really find the exciting or the maintaining causes with these people. The people just stay sick for a long period of time, and they may temporarily get well, but then go back and feel chronically sick again for long periods of time. This can create a lot of depression and anxiety for many patients that I see.

What you look out for is somebody who’s got experience with Candida yeast infections. Somebody who’s treated tens of thousands over a prolonged period of time. Somebody who understands Candida and all the manifestations of it. Somebody who’s not going to just send you away and tell you that your problem is all in your head and you need to see a psychiatrist.

Many practitioners, as I mentioned, will treat Candida, but then when the patient comes back repeatedly with the same problem, they often get told there’s not much more they can do for them. It’s up to you to select someone that you think can help you, but look for someone who’s got a lot of experience. Look for someone who has seen many different types of Candida, manifestations of it, patients from all age groups, men, women, and children, vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, toenail fungus, psoriasis, which is predominantly a Candida problem, so someone with a broad range of experience. Been in the industry for a long time. Spends time with you. Is available on Skype. Has got a good web presence, which I think is important these days. Those are considerations you want to make.

The other thing is has the practitioner got experience in functional medical testing? Can the practitioner interpret stool analysis, for example, or antibody testing, food allergy profiling, hair testing, blood-based pathology testing? These are very important things to ask yourself, too, if the practitioner has got that kind of skill set. Does the practitioner understand dietary supplements related to Candida? Has the practitioner actually developed his or her own product based on thousands of cases? These are all things I can say “yes” to because I’ve done all these things. If you’re after someone who has a high level of experience, you can certainly always contact me through or you can also have a look at the email address that you’ll probably see underneath this video or that should pop up on your screen quite shortly.

That’s just to give you a bit of an insight in Candida consultancy services. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you’ve got a good internet connection and have a good reasonable understanding of Skype, you can always make a time and catch up with me. Of course, there’s a fee involved with this, but I think you’ll find it quite a reasonable fee, and I’m widely available.

I hope that answers your question about Candida consultancy services. Before I go, please don’t forget to do my yeast infection quiz. If you go to, you’ll find the world’s best online Candida quiz. If you want the world’s best antifungal supplement, go and check out If you want to see some of the world’s best articles on Candida and yeast infections, please go to

Thanks for your time. Appreciate it.

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