Read & Watch This Before You Buy ThreeLac

Thank you for checking out this video today. This is going to be an interesting video for those who like taking probiotics, particularly if they’re interested in taking a probiotic called Threelac or Fivelac, but Threelac, in particular, from a company called Global Health Trax in USA. There are different distributors around the world of this product. I’ve used Threelac on and off probably for about five or six years in my clinic, and this is going to be a no BS straight up review on this product. I’m going to tell you a bit about it.

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Don’t click off this video straight away if you have bought Threelac, had aggravations on Threelac, have had poor results on Threelac or even if you’ve had good results from Threelac, so try to watch it all the way through. Particularly, if you’re interested in buying Threelac and want to try it out. I’m going to tell you about this product. Give you my honest opinion based on my clinical experience of 27 years now treating Candida patients, thousands of patients, many kinds of probiotics.

I would say I’ve used Threelac probably on about 500 patients, probably more, maybe even close to 700 patients over time. While I’ve had the odd report that this product has given some improvements to clients, I think overall, it’s quite a useless product. I’m going to explain to you why it’s useless and, I think, in many cases, it’s actually dangerous and why you should really think carefully about buying this product and using it on yourself. It’s got some stupid ingredients in it that should have never been put in there.

There are, however, some good advantages to Threelac and a couple of good points. The good points about the product which I like is it’s in an attractive box. It’s got a nice lemony flavor. Threelac has got a nice lemony flavor and it comes in quite neat little straws, like little straws. You can rip them open, put it in your mouth or mix it in a drink, which is a real advantage. It’s a fantastic feature of this product are the 60 straws we find in the box. You can pop them in your pocket. You can take them out when you’re traveling. There’s no doubt it’s a very, very handy way of delivery of a probiotic to a person, and the flavor’s good. I like the taste of this product.

But then again, it’s not all about the taste and the pretty box. It’s about does this product work. You’re going to read reviews on the internet about Threelac from the odd patient who’s tried it and say it’s a great product, but what about all the thousands and thousands of people who have used it and found it useless and of no therapeutic efficacy whatsoever? And even lots of people who aggravate on it.

Remember, I get people from all over the world contacting me with Candida issues. I treat patients in over 50 countries through Skype, so I hear from people all the time what works and what doesn’t work, and I get a ton of feedback from Threelac saying that it was crap. It didn’t work. It causes bloating. It caused gas. It caused diarrhea. I felt ripped off. They had poor customer support. They’re really disappointed with the product. Not one, not two, not three, but many, many people I’ve heard this from.

If we look at the ingredients of Threelac, we’ll soon find out why these aggravations occur, and I’m going to tell you why. There are three strains of probiotics in this product which are good. There’s no doubt about it, bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis, and enterococcus faecalis, these are quite good strains of probiotics. I’m disappointed they didn’t put lactobacillus plantarum in here, which is a very powerful immune boosting strain. They should’ve put lactobacillus in here. They didn’t do that. They never put bifida bacteria in here, which is ridiculous. Bifida and lacto are two primary beneficial bacteria which need to be in the colon. And, in fact, most people I test the stool with serious Candida have got very low levels of lactobacillus and bifida bacteria. They should be showing three to four plus, many show NG, which is no growth. Why plant these sorts of bugs in the gut when you should be looking at the strains which are most predominant in the gut. Global Health Trax, why didn’t you guys do that? You really missed the boat here.

But that’s not the problem. The biggest concern I have is this product actually uses a sugar alcohol called erythritol in here, which is dumb. What a dumb thing to do. You might as well give people a can of Coke to drink and put some beneficial bacteria in it. Erythritol can cause a lot of digestive upsets in people because sugar alcohols are commonly found in a whole bunch of diet foods, Diet Coke, for example, they’ll put them in. Sugar alcohols are a very cheap way to tart up, to sweeten up a product. They claim they’ve got no calories. I’ll buy that, but the problem is the body can’t break sugar alcohols down, so they can create gas. They can create bloating, digestive pain. And what does the patient think? They think they’re getting die off. They’re not getting die off. They’ve got a digestive system that’s impaired already and now you’re putting an artificial sugar in there. It’s not a good idea to put a sugar alcohol into a gut.

They’re also using FOS or fructooligosaccharides. These things are like inulin. When they’re made in factories by machines and given to people, again, remember people with Candida and SIBO have got impaired digestive systems, so why are you going to give them these sugars? It’s a stupid idea to put sugar in a probiotic. It should not be done. For that reason alone, “ehhh”. I give Threelac the thumbs down. It’s not a good product. You shouldn’t be even considering this product.

Would you drink Diet Coke with Candida? You might as well if you’re going to take Threelac. But how about this, they put canola oil in this product. What the hell would they do that for? Why would they put canola oil in a product like this? And they also have warnings on there saying, careful because could contain up to 30 parts per million casein, which is a protein found in cow’s milk that is highly allergenic, and also there could be potential lactose in there. There could be all sorts of junk in there. Sorry, not lactose, gluten. They claim to be careful because it says, may contain traces of gluten and also it contains casein, so it’s got two allergenic substances in there. You’ve got these two sugars in there. It’s ridiculous. Don’t even contemplate Threelac.

I gave up using Threelac years ago in my clinic because I had too many patients coming back with tummy upsets, headaches, dizzy spells, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, and I kept thinking that it was me that it was the diets I put these patients on. The day I stopped using Threelac was the day that I didn’t get that kind of bad feedback from patients anymore. Don’t even contemplate Threelac.

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The other thing I’d like to point out to you is people who sell and promote Threelac never talk about it themselves. It’s all about testimonials from customers, but they don’t actually treat patients. They just sell pills. Think about it. When you actually treat thousands of people like me, you get to see what’s bullshit from non-bullshit. And I can tell you now, Threelac to me is not really something that you want to contemplate unless you want to waste $60 or $70 on a product.

Thanks for tuning in.

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