Craving Test for Candida

Thanks for tuning into this video. This is going to be home test number two. We have already spoken about the spit test; that’s number one, so number two I call the “craving test.” You’ll find this test in my book, Candida Crusher.

So there are various different home tests we’re going to talk about. This is one which I commonly do with people with Candida to determine whether they’ve got mild, moderate or severe Candida.

Here’s the trick. What you do at home is you would take out all kinds of sweet carbohydrate foods for three days, all of them. I’m not talking fruits or vegetables. You can just keep eating fruits or vegetables, but you stop eating like very sweet fruits like oranges and dried fruits. You basically take out things like cookies, ice cream, confectionary or lollies or candy. I think you guys in America call it candy, licorice; you take out honey, malt extract, sugar, tomato sauce because it’s got sugar in it, so anything really sweet you take out of the diet for three days. Let’s just see what happens.

People with quite major Candida they’ll climb right over the wall to get to the other side to get to a sweet treat. They’ll go crazy. They really want that sugar. I call it “the bugs keep calling your name,” so they want that sweet treat. This is often apparent in the afternoon or in the early evening after you’ve had your dinner at night; you want something sweet. A very common occurrence with Candida.

Many people tell me they have no added sugar in their diet, so they’ll say, “Well, I don’t put sugar in my diet. Don’t need any extra sugar at all.” But then they’ll have a cookie or they’ll have a cup of coffee with two sugars in there or they’ll have a glass of wine, which is a lot of sugar. Many people don’t really see sugar in particular foods because they only see sugar as that white stuff in a bowl or in a bag. That’s bad; that’s sugar.

Sugar can come in many different shapes or sizes, so by identifying these sugars and taking them out of your diet for three days, you’ll soon learn if you’ve got a problem or not. You may get a headache, a dizzy spell; you could get bad low blood sugar reactions, so these are signs and symptoms of a Candida problem.

Your digestive system may change. You may find that gas and bloating may go right down all by eliminating the sugar. You do this test once per week and you record it on my Candida home test symptom tracker, which you’ll find in my book.

Thanks for tuning in.

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