What is the best supplement to get rid of candida?

Eric, what is the best supplement to kill Candida? That’s a question I do get asked. People often want to do things really quick. They just want to kill things. It’s almost like getting a gun and shooting something and saying, “Wow, I’ve killed it. That’s great.” It’s not a good idea.

In my book, Candida Crusher, I routinely talk about the whole idea of the yeast infection is not to kill the yeast infection, but to inhibit yeast infection and prevent the overgrowth of yeast infection. It makes a lot of sense. If you’ve got a whole lot of criminals or bad guys around, sure, you can go around with guns and shooting everybody, but it’s not a good idea. It’s pretty messy, and people don’t really like it. You’re better off not letting these guys build up in the first place, but inhibit that. It’s a lot cleaner and tidier and it’s a lot easier to deal with and it’s also a more intelligent approach. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, I would. I think it’s a smart approach.

But if you do want to supplement to eradicate Candida, I think you need to look at different criteria for selecting such a product. It’s very easy for you to go to Amazon or Costco, one of these companies, and just click “buy” and buy something for $20 and then take it. It’s not a good approach for Candida. If you really want to eradicate a yeast infection properly, you need to look very carefully at your lifestyle, at your diet, and taking an antifungal for three to six months.

By using an intelligent approach, you’re going to eradicate an overgrowth and prevent the regrowth. That’s intelligent. And I wrote my book for people, basically, who like an intelligent approach who have got a yeast infection and want to get rid of it for life, not just want to get rid of it for a couple of months.

Dietary supplement companies will often pedal these products and often weakened, ineffective products and keep people on them. To me, that’s not really a good idea. A good product is going to really kick butt and wipe out Candida. I’ve said this in a previous video. There are six criteria for this. It has to have proof and a highly effective antifungal/antibacterial in it, so the product is not only antifungal, but it also contains things in it that kill bacteria. Because if you start wiping out Candida, sometimes the bad bacteria come right out, so you’ve got to make sure that the product is not only antifungal, but antibacterial as well, and that’s a key point.

Second point is it’s got to have the highest quality raw materials that you can get. It’s very important criteria. It must be very high quality.

Third point, standardized extracts, so make sure that the supplement contains a percentage, for example, of allicin, which is the active ingredient in garlic. Two percent allicin is what I use in Canxida; 45 percent guaranteed flavonoid extract in my grapefruit seed extract, a 4 to 1 ratio of all the key herbs, which means they’re four times as potent as probably what you buy in your el-cheapo product. Pau d’arco, clove, Neem, different herbs I use in there are very potent. They need to be potent. These are some important criteria for you to look at.

Balanced formula. The formula needs to have the raw materials in the correct balanced way to make sure that something doesn’t overpower something else.

Sustained release. I think that sustained release is a very important criteria to have on what makes the best product to kill Candida. Sustained release means that you’re going to get a prolonged inhibition activity for two or three hours. Most all dietary supplements I’ve seen to counter Candida aren’t made like that. You take them. They have a strong action, and the action is gone. So you’re only getting an action between doses. With something like Canxida Remove, if you take three per day, you’re going to get an eight-hour window where you’re going to work on this yeast and bacterial. You’re going to really go to town on this, and this is why it’s been such a successful product.

And it’s also very well tolerated. That’s criteria number six. It’s got to be a product that’s not going to make you feel sick or nauseous. It’s got to be a product that’s not going to always guarantee a Herxheimer reaction or die off, and a lot of them actually do that.

If you’re going to look for an antifungal to cure Candida, think about those criteria I just spoke about. If you found that product, you’ve got something that’s really going to be really valuable to you in your quest to eradicate Candida. One of those products is called Canxida Remove. The product took six months to formulate. It’s very, very effective, so check it out. Canxida.com.

Thanks for tuning in.

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