Candida Smell Test

This is going to be another home test for Candida to determine if you have Candida or not. This is called the “smell test.” It’s quite a funny one, the smell test.

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They did some research at a college in London a long time ago, the Imperial College in London, in England, and they found out that people who have excessive bacteria and fungi on their body often have a body odor about them, a smell.

I frequently get emails from people saying they’ve got bad breath or they got body odor, what could be going on? So it’s not uncommon to have like a, “whewwww,” a smell under the armpit or like a body odor. People with Candida often have gas. They have bloating. They have flatulence. They have bad bowel motions, so they’ve got a lot of fermentation going on in the gut. This fermentation creates heat and body odor as a consequence.

If you go to a brewery or you do your own home brewing of wine or beer or know an uncle or a relation who does this, go into that place where they do it and it’ll be a bit smelly. The odor that is produced with fermentation is quite common. Fermentation also creates warmth or heat, so people sometimes complain about sweating or flushing with excessive fermentation dysbiosis, which occurs with Candida quite a lot, so heat can be generated. Perspiration can be generated, bad body odor, sweating all the time, smelly armpits just after a shower, still got bad body odor, and so this could be a sign of an intestinal Candida problem, digestive Candida problem. So what happens on the inside of the body goes to the outside of the body.

Once a week you can do this test and then write it down on my symptom tracker to determine if your body odor is changing. As Candida goes away and the gut improves more and more and the fermentation disappears slowly and the good bacteria come back, you’ll find that the odor will go away as well and you’ll smell normal. You won’t have to be embarrassed around people anymore.

That’s the smell test. Try and determine if your body – if the odor is changing, if it’s getting better or getting worse and record that or have someone tell you that they think that your body odor is changing, someone that’s close to you, a partner or a friend or something. They may notice this change as well.

So that’s called the smell test. Thanks for tuning into my video today.

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