Candida Sound Test

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So this test is called the “sound test.” The sound test is basically does your digestive system make a lot of noises? A healthy digestive system is virtually silent. You don’t hear anything. You don’t feel anything. It’s very quiet. There are no sensations. But many people with yeast infection have got all these rumbling noises and gurgling noises, and they’ve got bloating. They have to undue their waste band after a meal, particularly after food if they hear a lot of like weird sounds going on.

I’ve heard people say they lie in bed at night and they can hear their partner’s tummy going crazy, all these sort of noises, and there’s lots of gas associated with it. So if there’s a lot of gas, flatulence or farting, rumbling noises, gurgling sounds like water or things like that, all these sort of sensations can point to fermentation dysbiosis.

Fermentation is what occurs as a process of sugars basically being consumed or eaten up or fermenting under the presence of bacteria or particularly fungi. This is common in brewing beer or brewing wine.

We get fermentation. So with fermentation, gas gets produced. And if you look at how wine is made, there’s an airlock on the top of the container and air will come out. Air can’t come back because it’s a lock. I see the air lock in humans as being the anus, the rectal area, because your bum holds it back. Gas will come through, that’s flatulence. Everybody has a normal level of flatulence, and usually it’s passed at night. But people with a yeast infection can have a lot of gas, a lot of gas, and if they’re guys, they’ll often joke about it, particularly beer drinkers. But excessive amounts of gas is a sign of very poor digestive health and clearly a sound that the body makes. So if there’s excessive gas, rumbling, any of these noises, it usually points to fermentation and it will often point to a Candida problem in the gut or bacterial, but mainly Candida.

So that’s the sound test. This is a test you do once a week to determine if the level of sound in the gut has gone up or down and then you put that score 1, 2, 3, whether it be mild, moderate or severe that goes into the symptom tracker. The symptom tracker is a very handy way to determine at home if you’ve got a bad yeast infection or not, and you keep tracking these symptoms over a three month period.

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