Candida Itch Test

This is another home test you can do. I call it the “itch” test.

So the “itch” test is for you to become more acutely aware of your body for a three-day period, and you’ll be surprised. If you’ve got moderate to severe Candida, how often you scratch or itch your body. This could be the ear. This could be the scalp. This could be anywhere around the face or the neck. It could be under the arms or it could be the back. It could be between the toes. It could be in the groin or the private area. Particularly, people who drink a lot of alcohol, have ice cream and sweet foods like cookies because Candida is something that also grows on the outside of the body. We commonly see this with toenail fungus. We see this with vaginal infection or jock itch. We see this with ringworm. There are many different fungal conditions that attack the body on the outside.

So the itching could be as mild as having a bit of an itch on the hand every now and then or on the arm. It can be various kinds of molds or fungi that grow on the body like microsporum and it can be hard to pick, but they can create an itching sensation. Just become aware.

And the other thing is if you’ve got a partner you suspect of having a Candida infection, just watch him or her for a three-day period and don’t say anything and just watch how often they itch themselves. You’ll be surprised. You’ll be quite surprised.

This is performed weekly and recorded in my Candida home test symptom tracker that you’ll find in my book. I’ll talk about some other home tests on other videos, so thanks for tuning in.

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