Candida Question #40 Can I Have Yeast Infection With No Symptoms At All?

Well, they can, but it’s highly unlikely, more likely that they are experience symptoms but not really noticing that they actually have the symptom themselves. The symptoms may be noticed by those around them. It could be digestive noises or it could be body odor. And it could be likely that this person has had these symptoms for so long that they’ve actually grown used to them, which is quite common.

Many people are used to having odd bowel motions, lots of gas and burping, particularly men will find this most amusing and a normal part of being a male. And some women may experience recurring vaginal infections and find this a normal part of being a woman. It’s not until they talk to friends or family or their doctor that they realize that these are not a normal part of being male or female. In fact, they are symptoms of an underlying yeast infection.

Yes, somebody usually has got a symptom or a sign with having a yeast infection that will be apparent, maybe not to them, but may be to other people. If you’ve got family or friends and you’re concerned about something that you think could be Candida, perhaps talk to your health care professional or a trusted friend, and they may be able to tell you whether they believe it’s a normal occurring thing or not.