Candida Question #21 Can Candida Kill Me? If I Don’t Treat It?

Well, I can tell you there’s no real known record of people dying of a yeast infection. There are some severe forms of Candida, however, systemic Candidiasis, which may occur with Aids’ patients. In those cases, yeast can be fatal, but they’re very rare. They don’t really occur as a general rule.

However, a minor yeast infection can become a serious one and it won’t disappear without some form of intervention. So while you can’t die from a yeast infection, I have seen plenty of seriously ill patients who wish they were dead because they felt like they were living in hell. And I call a lot of these people the walking wounded. They walk around sometimes for decades in a half-life/half-dead state.

So the sooner you get on top of your yeast infection, the better. To determine the severity of your Candida, why don’t you go to and take my online survey right now to determine whether you’re mild, moderate or severe.

And then have a look at my book, Candida Crusher. You’ll find plenty of solutions in that book to help you to stop from getting a very severe case of yeast infection.