Candida Question #8 I Cured My Candida But Will It Come Back?

Here’s an email I received from a lady some time ago who beat her yeast infection, but now she’s concerned that it may recur.

Well, it shouldn’t happen. You shouldn’t have to get your infection back at all providing you’ve learned your lessons and you’ve understood the cause and effect. Many people develop a yeast infection through poor lifestyle or diet. For example, taking recurring antibiotics, the oral contraceptive pill, or different medications or perhaps eating too much ice cream, having too much sugar in general or carbs in their diet, high stress lifestyles, not enough sleep, there are many reasons why people develop a yeast infection and also many reasons why they maintain this particular yeast infection.

So, if you’ve understood the cause and effect and you’ve worked on the causes, you’ve understood the exciting cause or the reason why you developed it, and then you’ve eradicated the maintaining causes, the reasons why you’ve maintained this infection, there’s no reason to believe you should have your yeast infection back again.

The other thing I would say to you is did you learn your lesson? Candida is a good teacher. Did you learn something from your experiences? Have you moved on? Was it a lesson you needed to learn? If you learned well and you consider Candida your teacher and you’re a good pupil, then you should have learned your lesson and not have to suffer the consequences of a yeast infection again.

So I hope that answers your question. You should not have to endure a recurrence of your yeast infection.