Is there a connection between candida and adrenal fatigue?

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about one of the main underlying reasons why many people never recover from a yeast infection, particularly a chronic yeast infection, and that is adrenal fatigue. You may be able to read some more information on adrenal fatigue in my book, Candida Crusher, or on our website You can also find a lot more information on There are many good articles on this website, also my good friend, Dr. James Wilson, on Dr. Wilson’s site, There’s plenty of good information on that site as well.

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So adrenal fatigue is a condition that’s absolutely endemic. It’s very, very relevant to discuss adrenal fatigue when it comes to poor recovery from a yeast infection. Many conventional doctors don’t even believe adrenal fatigue exists. They prefer to treat all the manifestations of stress like headaches, period pain, low libido and insomnia. There is a very long list. So when naturopathic physicians like me come up with conditions to their patients and say, “Look, I think you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue.” The doctors roll their eyes and laugh and say, “Oh, here we go. Another condition that has all the symptoms involved, and if we treat this then all will be well.”

Well, I can tell you this much. I’ve treated now almost 7,000 patients, particularly with Dr. Wilson’s protocol regarding adrenal fatigue, and seen astounding results, very good recoveries from yeast infections. Even people who’ve been sick for 10, 15, 20 years with a yeast infection, whether it be jock itch or a vaginal yeast infection, chronic ongoing yeast infections of many different natures. For example, digestive problems and skin problems.

Many times practitioners will only treat these conditions symptomatically. Even the very best naturopathic doctors will treat these things by giving anti-fungal products to kill the Candida, but they don’t really adequately address the patient’s lifestyle and their stress levels. I’ve always maintained that recovery from any chronic condition is 80 percent lifestyle and diet related, 20 percent supplement or medication related. So you need to spend over three quarters of your time trying to understand the reasons why you got this condition, looking at the underlying causes. I treat patients all day. I’ve done so now for 26 years. I treat many people on Skype and on Face time. I get them here face-to-face in my clinic. I get them on the telephone. And I can tell you one thing; many people have got one underlying problem that prevents their recovery, one underlying problem. Have a think about that for a moment.

You’ve heard me speak about the exciting cause or often what will begin a yeast infection, and there are also the maintaining causes or the reasons why these keep on going. The exciting cause can be something like an antibiotic; they’re very common, many cases start with an antibiotic. It can also be a trauma. It could be a root canal. It could be an operation. It could be a series of strong emotional events, particularly punctuated by infections and antibiotics. The exciting cause can be one or two smaller causes, but the maintaining causes are often something like adrenal fatigue. The ongoing, continuing unremitting stress that patients suffer from their day-to-day life will drag their immune system down, will continue a bacterial infection, will continue a yeast infection, or make them more susceptible to parasite infections and small intestinal bowel overgrowth.

And what happens? They go to the doctor. They get put on more medications. They don’t recover. They go to the naturopath or the chiropractor. What do they get? They get more symptom treatment. So unless you’re really looking carefully at your own particular case longitudinally, understanding these exciting and maintaining causes, and particularly understanding the full effects of adrenal fatigue on your health, you may just be treating symptoms for 20, 30 years or more, drifting from doctor to doctor, looking for answers, only getting temporary symptomatic results. These are the cases I deal with every day.

So I’d like you to read more information on adrenal fatigue and have a good think about it. Think about if you can relate to adrenal fatigue, whether it is affecting you, and whether it is an impediment or an obstacle to cure when it comes to your yeast infection.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video today. Thank you for your attention.

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