Are you losing weight on candida diet?

Thanks for tuning into my video. Are you hungry on the Candida diet? Are you losing weight?

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Weight loss is quite a common thing that people do get concerned about, and they also get hungry on the Candida diet. Many people get hungry because they chop out a lot of carbohydrate foods, which filled them up. We’re talking like breads, cookies, bagels, donuts, cakes, all these sorts of things that people would eat, pizza breads. People eat a lot of these kind of foods. You’d be surprised. So when you cut all these foods out of your diet, you’re going to get hungry.

The other problem is many people start plunging themselves into a MEVY diet, meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt. They start eating way too much meat and protein and they get blocked up. This is a common occurrence also on the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet or the Stillwell diet or many other of these protein diets like the Paleo diet. If you start gorging yourself on too much meat, every day, meat two or three times a day, you’re going to get blocked up. You’re going to get constipated. You don’t want to go down that path like a lot of my patients have and firm you up with a lot of pain. So constipation is the last thing that you want when you’ve got Candida. It just creates more problems.

How do you stop from getting hungry when you’re on the Candida diet? Well, a couple of key foods that you can eat are avocado, for example. They’re high in fat, but they’re a natural fat. They’re high in carbos, but they contain more fiber than actual carbos themselves. They have plenty of fiber in them, so they’re a healthy food to eat. Some people say, “Oh, I don’t like avocados.” But I’ll tell you what, you want to try them out because they’re a very healthy food and they’re a very good food to have with Candida. Plus you can mix them with some raw garlic. You can make guacamole out of them, so they can be antifungal as well.

Coconut flour, you can also use. You can actually find plenty of coconut flour recipes on the internet, which is a good one. Brown rice, yes, you can eat brown rice on the Candida diet. Absolutely. Many people say, “Oh, I can’t eat brown rice. It’s carbohydrates. Candida will thrive on all these foods.” It’s a lot of bologna. Many of my patients fully recover while eating brown rice on the Candida diet, but don’t have sweet chili sauce with it or lots of sugary things with the brown rice.

If you’re going to have proteins with brown rice maybe in stir-fry or Asian kind of style dishes, you’re going to be fine. Especially, if you put lots of garlic in there again and things like coriander and various spices that are antifungal, a bit of coconut oil, not a problem at all. So you’ve got plenty of choices.

Eggs are another good food to eat if you’re hungry. Now one thing I want you to be careful of with eggs. If you eat eggs and you’ve got an issue with your liver, for example, you’ve got a fatty liver, which a lot of people have; you can build up too much of this stuff in the body called TMAO. It’s a particular chemical that comes from the improper breakdown of one of the nutrients in eggs called choline. So when this breaks down improperly, this TMAO can build up and it can cause your bad cholesterol to get more sticky and adhere to arterial walls, which can increase your risk of heart attack. They did a study of about 14,000 people and they found that the TMAO levels were directly related to the risk of heart disease.

How do we remedy this? By making sure your liver is working well. Your bowels are working well. Not drinking too much alcohol or fatty foods, deep-fried foods. Going through a regular detoxification, which is a fundamental part of recovery from Candida is detox. So if your liver is clean, your bowel is working well, you’re probably going to have lower levels of TMAO. You can probably eat one to two eggs every day.

Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast in the morning tend to have no issue with hunger for three or four hours after eating the eggs, as opposed to cereal, so eggs is not a bad porridge in the morning, not a bad porridge, not a bad food in the morning. Porridge is something I eat in the morning. I eat rolled oats. I like sort of like a whole rolled oats cooked just in water, which is my favorite cereal, breakfast in the morning.

So eggs are quite good. Rolled oats are quite good for breakfast in the morning, so there are different kinds of breakfast you can look at. Avocados you can even have with breakfast with your eggs, so you’ve got many options.

So check out my other videos out here on YouTube regarding that. So you don’t have to be hungry on the Candida diet or you don’t have to lose weight. You just have to eat the right kind of foods and experiment.

Thanks for tuning in.

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