Is jock itch contagious? Can my gf get jock itch from me?

I’d like to answer a question today that I get asked quite regularly. Can jock itch be transferred or passed on from a guy to a woman? Is it contagious? Can it move from one person to another?

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Well, it can in some circumstances, but it’s not really likely, and with proper hygiene, it doesn’t really occur. Woman can develop jock itch and guys can develop jock itch. The most likely way that it’s going to be passed from one person to another is by sexual or intimate contact. It is a possibility, but it’s not generally likely. Particularly if the person, the recipient, has not got jock itch and he or she is definitely into hygiene or cleanliness. It’s not usually going to be a problem.

While it can be passed on, it’s not usually likely to be passed on. Not unlike a condition of venereal warts, for example. There are other types of conditions, herpes, and genital herpes. And these conditions are much more likely to be passed on intimately, I believe, than jock itch is.

Jock itch is a condition called tinea cruris. Athlete’s foot is tinea pedis. In other videos, I’ll talk a little bit about the link between Athlete’s foot and jock itch because it can be sometimes a problem.

But the passing on, not usually an issue. If you’ve got jock itch and you’re a guy, just check out my other videos on jock itch because there are a lot of natural solutions for getting rid of this really awful and annoying condition. You can cure this thing. Especially if it’s like really bad and you want to get rid of it and you considered to treat the internals, as well as the groin region.

So I hope that answers your question about passing it from one person to another. Thank you for tuning in.

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