If I have yeast infection can it cause lack of appetite?

Hi there, Eric Bakker again, with another frequently asked question on yeast infection.

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This one is does yeast infection cause a lack of appetite?

I have to think about this one. Appetite can change. It can depend a lot on many factors. It can depend a lot on your stress levels, how you feel emotionally. It can occur as a consequence of a liver problem. You could have an issue with your stomach, with your pancreas, or your intestines. There could be many reasons why you have a lack of appetite. I would say yeast infections would be indirectly linked to lack of appetite, but it certainly could be a possibility that appetite could be affected by yeast infections.

A question I would ask you if you were a patient would be how long have you had this lack of appetite for? What events occurred prior to the lack of appetite? Have your bowel motions been altered at all? Have you had any stressful events leading up to the lack of appetite? So to answer your question, I’d probably ask you questions because there are many reasons why you could have a lack of appetite. It’s not fair to point a finger purely at a yeast infection when it comes to a lack of appetite. There can be many particular causes of lack of appetite.

So to answer that question, does a yeast infection cause a lack of appetite? It may, but I don’t really think it’s directly linked to Candida. It may occur as a secondary consequence. And I’m sure that if I asked you if there were any other problems going on with your digestive system, you would probably say “yes, I have constipation or I have gas or bloating,” all these issues.

So I hope that answers your question in a roundabout way. Thank you.

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