How to treat jock itch – Stage 2

Thanks for tuning into stage two of the male jock itch treatment protocol. I trust that you’ve checked out stage one. If you’ve landed on here through YouTube and don’t know about stage one, you can click on the link now that you’ll see on this video. Go back to stage one. Watch that and then come back to this one. It’s important this three-stage protocol is done in sequence.

What we’re going to do in stage two is we’re going to get a small glass bowl, preferably. We’re going to get eight ounces of water, determine 15 mils of tepid water, so it’s water that’s not too cold or not too hot, a little bit more than room temperature. We’re going to get some good quality organic apple cider vinegar. A good brand like Braggs, for example, it’s got to have what we call the “mother” in it, so it’s got to be a good quality apple cider vinegar. Don’t use a commercial one. A lot of those aren’t suitable. You put two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar into the bowl, and you pour the water in there. Then you put a teaspoon of water-soluble tea tree oil in there, water-soluble. So pour that into the bowl. Mix it all together. Then get a small face cloth or just sort of a cloth, a piece of nice cotton cloth. What you’re going to do now is you’re going to wash that area back that you’ve applied the honey to.

Now we’re going to restore the pH balance back to the skin. We’re going to tonify the skin. We’re going to create more antifungal activity. It’s very good to do this, so watch and carefully dampen that area down.

This three-stage protocol is ideally done once per day, and then after that, you put some cotton briefs on. Allow the area to dry out. Put some cotton briefs on. So get yourself the vinegar and the bowl, get everything ready and do this treatment.

Stage two treatment and stage one and stage three always work the best when followed in sequence, and particularly when you take my Canxida antifungal product. I trust that you’ve done the quiz on to determine how severe your yeast infection is, whether internally as well as externally.

Let’s do this thing right. Let’s treat it externally, let’s treat it internally, and let’s do this holistic treatment program because I’m pretty sure you’re sick and tired of this jock itch. You want to get rid of it, and this is how you’re going to nail it. This program works.

We’ll catch up with you in stage three. See you over there. Click on the link and we’ll see you there now. Thanks for tuning.

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