How To Treat Jock Itch – Stage 1

I’m going to talk about stage one of the male jock itch treatment protocol that I outline in my book, Candida Crusher. If you’ve got a really itchy area there in the inner thigh region, one or both sides, it could be around the scrotum or the penis, anywhere involving the private area, I want you to try this three-stage protocol because it really works. I’ve come up with this protocol after years of trying different treatment programs with guys and I found this treatment worked particularly well.

I want you to get a hold of some Manuka honey. Manuka is a New Zealand honey. It is available in different countries like in American and Canada, Germany, Holland, Spain. You can get it in different countries. Make sure it is a Manuka honey. A lot of honey sold around the world, I believe, is not certified Manuka honey. If you’re in New Zealand like I am, you’re probably going to be able to buy a brand called Comvita. I believe in America you can get Manuka Doctor, which is quite a good brand, too. There are a bunch of kiwis who run this company.

You can get Manuka containing different UMF grades. UMF is unique Manuka factor, so it’s a particular type of a very powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and wound healing property that this oil has. The bees gather nectar from different plants. If you’re a beekeeper like me, you’ll know that a honey can taste according to where the bees have grabbed their nectar from. The Manuka has a very particular flavor and the particular white tea tree flower that the bees get the nectar from is loaded with this particular antibacterial/antifungal property, which comes into the honey itself.

So when you apply one to two tablespoons of this honey with that high UMF, you’re going to get a guaranteed result. It’s really good for wound healing. In fact, some surgeons actually recommend to use this for damaged skin, burned skin or post-surgical wound healing. It’s fantastic for the thinnest and the most delicate skin on the body, so you can safely apply it to the penis and those areas. It’s quite okay to use.

You apply it with a spatula and you leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you want to get a better result, get a hold of some Manuka honey, a small container, and let it go quite liquid. You can put it in a bowl of warm water and then chop up three or four cloves of garlic and then mix it up into the honey, leave it for two to three weeks, and then strain that. Then what you’ve got now is the Manuka factor containing honey with the various components of the garlic in there, which will give you even more antifungal activity.

So apply this to the area with a spatula or with your fingers, particularly when it’s quite runny, the honey. Leave it on for a good 20 to 30 minutes. So just let it sit there for a while and then we’re going to clean it off with stage two, which we’re going into now. Click now on the link on the video, go to stage two, and I’ll meet you there. I’m going to show you then how to start correcting the pH balance of the area and to clean off the honey.

We’ll catch you then. Thanks for tuning in.

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