How long should I follow candida diet before I get rid of candida?

Thank you for tuning in. Frequently asked question. I get a lot of questions as you’ve noticed by now and this is just another question which I’m going to answer. How long should I be on the Candida diet? How long do I need to eat like this? When can I stop eating like this? When can I eat normal foods again?

People who have Candida yeast infections realize – most of them, the intelligent ones – realize that they need to change their lifestyle and their diet. Impatient ones see their diet really as a piece meal. They’ll just go on the diet for some period of time; they get off the diet and go back to what they were doing. And then, of course, they’re going to get the same health problems back again.

People end up in hot water because of faulty lifestyles and faulty diets contributing to poor health, so it’s pretty obvious that if you want to kick the yeast infection permanently, you need to change your diet permanently. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work that one out.

Eating good foods and then continuing to improve your diet over a period of time is going to build outstanding health because it builds really good digestive function, which is one of the primary prerequisites for good health is fantastic GI function. This will ensure that you get a superior digestion uptake and excretions, so you’re going to really push out the waste properly. The blood is going to be clean. You’re going to be getting all the nutrients you need. You’re going to be able to rebuild the cells.

It’s common sense, folks. It’s common sense. You need to be on a diet long enough to build outstanding health and then some. To be on the Candida diet itself, particularly with a strong antifungal slant, including more cultured and fermented foods, you want to adhere to this for as long as it takes to kick Candida. Which in my opinion, after treating many thousands of people, can be anywhere from 2 months up to about 9 or 12 months in general.

Once you’ve started on this route and you’re feeling excellent and your health has improved, you’ll probably find you want to continue on with this habit for many years to come. Maybe in a slightly modified form. Maybe you want to have a glass of wine here or there or a beer here or there, a bit of pizza or some cake, all the things that normal people do when they go out. Maybe you want to go out with your partner to a nice restaurant and have the meal with some wine and some desserts. These are things I enjoy.

When you’ve got good health, you can do all these things because you’ve also learned how to moderate these habits. You can’t drink alcohol every day if you’ve had a yeast infection and you’ve recovered because what you’ll find is you’ll slowly slide back again after a period of time, but you can enjoy alcohol here and there. So you need to stay on the diet as long as possible for you to recover and what you’ll find is then that you’ll modify that approach and you pop right into a normal, healthy diet.

So I hope that answers your question.

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