How long can it take me to get rid of candida and recover?

Thank you for checking out this video. How long it takes to recover from Candida. How long does it take to get well? Can I get well in 24 hours? Can I get well in 12 hours? Will it take 12 years? Will it take one year? How do I know how long is it going to take? If I start a particular treatment, how do I know?

Well, it really is all up to you. Some people will say to me, particularly those who’ve been chronically sick for a long time, “You never get well. It’s impossible to get well from Candida. I’ve been sick for 10 or 20 years and this is a condition you’ll take to the grave.” I’ve had a few people tell me that. I’ve had other people who tell me “I’m surprised I got well so quick. I turned this thing right around quite fast.” But I can tell you now; there are no hard and fast rules for how long it will take to recover from Candida. It could take three months. It could take six months. It could take one year.

On average after seeing thousands and thousands of yeast infection patients, I form the opinion that it takes about a year. Between six to nine months for you to feel really, really good and improve your health, but probably about 12 months before you start feeling very, very, very good, and it can take even a little bit longer for your digestive health to improve to a very high degree. Because when you start improving from Candida, your digestive health very slowly improves to start with and then it starts ramping up that improvement. You’ll improve more and more and more and more. And as you progressively improve, you’ll find a lot of things peripherally to the gut will improve.

What I mean by that is the nutrition has to basically be improved to all the cells of the body for you to start feeling really well. That’s why it can take a long time because there are trillions of cells in your body. Even the bone cells will improve, the muscle cells, the nerve cells, everything will improve over time as your digestive health improves.

Most people with Candida have got digestive problems. They have things like food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, many of them have parasites, they have bacteria, and they have multiple strains of yeast in their gut. These things take time to get rid of. Many people with Candida have digestive enzyme insufficiencies. They have hormonal imbalances. A lot of them even have muscle and nerve weakness as a result of their nutritional deficiency underpinning the Candida. These things don’t fix up in 12 hours, what a load of crap. If you think you can be cured in 12 hours, well, if you’ve come down with the last rainstorm. It ain’t going to happen. You’re not going to cure a chronic yeast infection in a matter of days or weeks. It’s just not feasible. And if you really believe that, then you’re quite foolish to believe that. So when you see these books and programs for sale “Cure Your Yeast Infection in 12 Hours,” it’s a load of nonsense and people fall for these scams all the time. There is a lot of trickery and con artists on the internet.

I’ve never ever made the suggestion that you can quickly cure your yeast infection. What you can often get rid of quite quickly are many of the acute symptoms, but what you’ll find is, it’s only symptomatic treatment. As soon as you stop that symptomatic treatment, the symptoms will come back. This is how pharmaceutical medicine has made all its trillions of dollars by symptom suppression and symptom eradication. They give you pills or shots or treatments to get rid of symptoms, but the underlying problem remains. So as soon as the treatments stop, the problem comes back again.

Intelligent people don’t want to treat symptoms. They want to eradicate causes, so they don’t have the end result which are the symptoms. And that’s how we as naturopathic physicians gain our expertise over time is we help people identify the core triggers in their life, and once these are met and its understood about the maintaining and the exciting triggers, people deal with these adequately, make the right changes, they’ll find their health comes on track steadily and surely.

Really, it’s all up to you. The ball’s in your court. The more you apply the correct principles, eat the right foods, have the correct balanced lifestyle, the quicker you’re going to recover. There’s no doubt about it. There is absolutely no doubt about it. It’s all up to you. It’s not up to me. It’s not up to your doctor. It’s not up to your mother-in-law or your sister or whatever. It’s all up to you. You’re the one who decides which direction you’re going to as far as healing is concerned.

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