How do you choose an antifungal against Candida?

Thank you for tuning in. I’ve got a question here today from somebody. How do you choose an antifungal against Candida? Well, let’s answer that question.
I’m going to talk about Canxida, a product which I helped develop for a company called Canxida Health. Canxida is quite a unique product. There’s nothing else like it on the market. And there are six criteria I’m going to read out to you now on some paperwork, which I’ve written about the product. Which will explain why these are good criteria to form your basis of selection for an antifungal.

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This is number one. The importance of using only the most effective and proven antifungal natural medicines. There’s no point in using junk that’s not really proven. If you look at products like Lufenuron, for example, these cell wall inhibitors, chitin busting down products, flea-killing products, and chemical companies initially produced this to kill fleas and now people are peddling it off for big dollars on the internet. These are not proven products at all. These basically tend to be trends that people ride on to get in there quick and get out of there quick. It’s almost like the gold rush. They get in there; make money, then get the hell out of there. I tend to look at natural substances that have been around for hundreds of years and have proven themselves time and again to work, not just on breaking down cell walls or chitin inhibitors, what a load of crap. Too specific, Lufenuron, and there are many other products like that out there that are too specific.

If you look at things like garlic and grapefruit seed extract, for example, these are proven. Not just to work with Candida, but also to work with bacteria and parasites. I want you to remember that most patients with bad Candida yeast infections have got multiple problems in their digestive system. They haven’t just got Candida. They’ve got a lot of stuff going on. You really want to get your head around a broad-spectrum product. Don’t get suckered in or fall for these chitin busting products that break down cell walls. Nonsense. Ridiculous. I only get bad feedback from these things. Proven things. Things that have shown in multiple university studies from many countries around the world, from Spain, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand. All this research combined shows that these are proven products. They work. There’s no bullshit here. These things actually do work.

Those are the things I tend to use on my clients. There’s a whole raft of them, which I’ve included in Canxida. Pau d’arco extract, grapefruit seed extract, undecylenic acid, undecenoic acid, berberine taken from various herbs, clove extract; the list goes on and on. I’ve got 11 different things in Canxida that are proven to work in a broad spectrum way.

Point number two. The importance of using only the highest quality herbal medicines. We want to make sure that we’re using premium, top end raw materials from the best people like DSM in Germany, for example, who make some of the best botanical extracts in the world. There are specialty labs in Italy and in the US that also make the highest-grade raw materials. These are the companies I source my raw materials from. Not from big Asian countries with dubious quality standards. I only select the absolute very best raw materials.

The third one. The importance of using standardized herbal medicines to ensure guaranteed potency. When you see something standardized, they’re using something with a proven therapeutic window of value there, so we know that something is made to a high degree. The quality’s there, but it’s also strong, so every dose you get in a tablet is standardized to contain a certain percentage. My garlic, for example, contains two percent allicin, so it’s guaranteed to contain this particular extract that’s known to be antifungal.

The fourth. The importance of using balanced ingredients to form the most clinically effective formulation. When you make a dietary supplement, you have to understand that you have to very carefully balance one ingredient against the other as not to overpower things. Too much of one particular thing like grapefruit seed extract would overpower the product and create huge side effects with patients. So you have to be very careful when you manufacture a dietary supplement that you understand the therapeutic value of each ingredient and then put it in its proper place. When you create a symphony, you have to know which instrument has to play at what volume and what particular time in that piece for it to sound really beautiful. If you’ve got no understanding of music or writing music, it’s going to sound chaotic. I believe the same holds true for dietary supplements. You have to understand where every vitamin, mineral and herbal medicine has its place in that formula and know when to bring something up and to push something down. That only comes with a lot of experience.

Fifth criteria. The importance of utilizing a slow release formula, thereby ensuring a prolonged delivery. No other product does this apart from the one I’ve created called Canxida. I’ve never seen a sustained release antifungal on the market. For some reason, people don’t do this. They just create products, when you take them, “bingo” they have this very big effect and then the effect is gone. Sustained release makes sense because you’re going to get a two to three hour breakdown of that product slowly in the gut, which is going to give prolonged activity. It’s going to make sure that you’re inhibiting Candida and bacteria for almost during the whole waking day. This ensures a quicker result and less money out of your pocket because you’re using less product. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Sixth criteria. The importance of a well-tolerated formula without sacrificing therapeutic activity. When a supplement is made, it has to be trialed and used on people for a prolonged period of time to see if it’s going to create a lot of side effects, if it’s going to make people sick, if it creates too much die off. And we did have the Canxida for prolonged periods of time when I made this product. We went back to the drawing board on numerous occasions to make sure that the product was tweaked and perfected at great cost to me to make sure that it was right. And I believe now this is the best antifungal on the market. If you’ve got a problem with it, you’ll get a refund with this product. We guarantee that. But we don’t really give refunds for Canxida because we don’t really find people return the product. In fact, they reorder, and they also purchase for other family members because they found it to be such an incredibly powerful and effective product.

If you’ve come up with a better antifungal formula than this, I’d like to know about it because I’ve tried every single product on the market for my patients. And I like using the best products with the best therapeutic activity. That’s how we get a reputation as practitioners. We get a reputation by the results we get from patients. Not by a load of crap that we write about something. My saying is in the clinic, all the bullshit stops. Something either works with people or it doesn’t work. It’s as simple as that.

I hope you enjoyed this video today. Thanks for tuning in.

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