Feeling of Spaced Out – Can It Be Candida?

Hello there! It’s New Zealand naturopath Eric Bakker. Author of Candida Crusher and the formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thank you for tuning in and thank you to all my subscribers for all your kind comments and for all the questions I keep getting now from many different parts of the world. I’ve got an email here from a lady called Marie Cohen from Hong Kong. Marie wants to know: “Help me Eric, I’m feeling disorientated and spacey while on the MEVY diet.” So Marie got a copy of the Candida Crusher book, and started on our program, and I also read from Marie’s email that she was taking our Canxida range of products. Let’s go into a few of the areas to discuss that with you Marie, because I think other people are going to benefit from this video as well.

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I see that the changes you made were quite rapid. You made a lot of changes very quickly. Also, the other thing I was concerned about is the dosage of the products that you took. You were drinking a little bit of alcohol and coffee. I can gauge from the e-mail that you stopped those very quickly. I always recommend people to make change slowly. If you start making changes too quick-you put supplements in, you stop all coffee and alcohol and you immediately start consuming a different kind of diet, you’re going to create a lot of turmoil and upheaval in the body.

It’s going to create a lot of dysregulation with many different systems. You’ll get a bowel change very quick. Your liver will function slightly differently. It’s got to process supplements. It’s got to process different kinds of foods. This is going to alter your energy and your sleep and your mood and many things will be altered. Better idea would be to make change slowly. So, I’m going to recommend for you to go back to what you were doing with the alcohol and coffee, and to have a slow transition over a three to four week period coming off the alcohol and not starting the supplements until you’ve finished those. Taking a supplement as your coming down off alcohol isn’t a good idea. You’re best to wait until you’ve stopped that and then start the supplement, otherwise you’re only going to create a massive detox problem for yourself.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that you’re consuming I don’t think not enough food, so you’re having lots of small tiny meals. You mentioned also that you want to lose weight. Let’s get one thing right. The Candida approach, which is recommend and the eating program is not really meant for weight loss. It’s not a good idea to try and change your diet, clean the Candida up and lose weight all at the same time. It’s too much. It’s like trying to learn five languages at the same time. It’s just not going to happen. Do one thing properly, take your time before you move on to the next. A systematic approach works very well.

The other thing that I’d like you to do is to drink more water because you’re not really drinking enough water either. You’re also asking me if it’s good if you can take ibuprofen here and there for headaches that you’ve been getting from being tired and spaced out. Again, it’s not really a good idea to rely on ibuprofen while you’re taking the anti-fungal product because that can make you quite sick.

You’re also working quite a lot. Your husband’s working, and you’re working, and you’ve got two children, so you’ve got quite a lot on. You need to bear in mind that you’ve got a high stress lifestyle whilst making all these changes. I can see why you’re feeling spacey and disorientated. It’s probably best that you really do this kind of approach if you can cut back on your work for a few weeks, just reduce, because you mentioned yourself employed. If you can cut back and incorporate some of the changes slowly into your diet.

Your exercise pattern seems a little bit too much because you’re doing lots of different kinds of exercise. Cardio exercise, swimming and things like that. That’s not really a good idea either is to do too much exercise and have high stress while making these changes. Gentle is a better idea. Take it easy and slow up on these kinds of things. Many people have this belief that if they exercise hard and cut their diet back that they’re going to lose weight. In fact, it’s not really a good idea to do that at all. Many people don’t lose weight by exercising. Many people don’t lose weight by changing their diet. Watch some of my videos where I talk about metabolism and hormones affecting weight more than anything.

How are we going to clean this mess up, this disorientation? Going back to what you were doing I think is a good idea. Then following the advice I’ve written in the book about very slowly coming off and creating the seven to ten-day cleanse is a good idea for you first to do that bowel cleanse because you didn’t really do that flushing and cleansing. The other approach I’d like you to take is the warm turkey approach where we cut down your alcohol and caffeine consumption very slowly over a three to four-week period. Then we do about a seven to ten-day cleanse.

At that point it’s good to cut your work right back and to relax more. Spend more time with the kids and relax more. Then we go into the Candida Crusher approach where we put you on the MEVY diet. We look at the low allergy cleansing phase to get the leaky gut fixed up, then we look at a reintroduction. That whole process, to be honest, I think you’re looking at about four to six months for yourself. I think you’re going to end up losing weight, having more energy, improving your sleep, getting a good libido back and all those kinds of things. You’ve got hot flushes and fatigue and headaches and you’ve got all these sorts of things. I can really read an element of stress in your e-mail there as well. If you could try that approach, I think you’re going to find a much more satisfactory outcome.

The other thing that you’ve taught yourself in that four to six months is you’ve learned quite a lot of different ways to incorporate good healthy habits into your diet, which are going to take you right through to your 50s and 60s. I like people to slowly develop good habits and maintain those good habits and keep on doing them. This is going to help you to avoid doctor’s visits, pharmaceutical drugs, needless surgery, and thousands of dollars’ worth of treatment.

We had a patient coming in yesterday who had been to 30 doctors and the best hematologist in New Zealand, the best blood specialist. Ten minutes in my room and I discovered this poor man was taking 80 milligrams of a statin drug that was causing serious fatigue and a flu-like syndrome. Ten minutes in my room. I’m not the best hematologist in even my street or anywhere and I’m certainly not 30 doctors, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that medications aren’t the answer to getting well.

I’d like you to lessen your reliance on hormone replacement therapy that you’re currently undergoing. Pharmaceutical medications for headaches and things like that. I think you’re going to do well if you can do that. Keep in touch with me, Marie, and please send me an e-mail for your update. Thanks for your question.

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