Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor and Candida

Thanks for checking out this video. Can my Candida be resistant to chitin synthesis inhibitor? Why would you want to think that? Why would you want to think that? You bought this product called Lufenuron. You’ve taken it. It’s not working and now you’re thinking your Candida is resistant to it.

The thing is it’s probably not working because it doesn’t work for the majority of people who take it. If anything, it could make you quite sick. Now the people who tell you that they get major benefit from Lufenuron, I believe, are in a minority for the amount of people that actually buy this product and take and experience adverse side effects.

I’ve had many, many hundreds of patients contact me in the last 12 months alone with massive side effects from Lufenuron, many patients particularly from America and from Europe. I’ve had Skype consultations with in excess of 100 patients now that have been sick on this product. In fact, several have been hospitalized after taking this chitin synthesis inhibitor.

I’ve never seen this before with a product after being involved with Candida patients for over two decades. This is unprecedented. I’ve seen patients take antifungals for years, but nothing like this in terms of side effects.

Interesting studies and research I’ve read on Lufenuron say that it also can affect the production of beneficial bacteria and even be responsible for creating leaky gut, which can lead you to autoimmunity, allergies, diarrhea, all sorts of problems that you don’t really want to know about. So if you’re going to take Lufenuron, you take it at your own risk.

This product was not designed for humans. It was designed to kill fleas in cats and dogs, so why would you want to take that? Would you drink glyphosate, Roundup, to kill Candida? Would you like to smear DDT all over your skin to get rid of ringworm or fungus? Think about it carefully. Would you use a termite pest control, a very powerful toxic chemical, to kill Candida in your body? You wouldn’t use any of those treatments because you’d stay to me, “Don’t be stupid. These are chemicals.” Well, that’s what you’re doing now. You’re taking a chemical designed to kill fleas, so why would you want to take that for Candida? Have a think about it. It’s quite a stupid thing to do.

These websites that promote Lufenuron are immoral and they’re doing the bad thing by patients. They’re not supplying any good credible information apart from pushing a product onto you. So I wouldn’t go as far to say, as the product is not effective because you’re Candida is resistant to it. I would go as far to say is that it’s not effective with you because it’s not effective for the majority of people, so don’t waste your money on Lufenuron or these chitin synthesis inhibitors and look at natural antifungals.

Things like garlic. Things like grapefruit seed extract. These are things that have been around for a long, long time. They’re not scam products. They work for the majority of people. They’re lower cost. They’re not going to send you into the ER with convulsions and violent retching and sickness. So stick with more natural products without all the hype and the stupid wide claims. You’re better off doing that.

Check out my website, You can also go and do my quiz if you want to. You’ll find that on That will give you an idea of your severity of yeast infection, but please stay away from these chitin synthesis inhibitors. And if you do take them and you get sick, please don’t contact me because I’m over now being contacted by so many sick people who’ve taken Lufenuron and request a refund or want a sick avert or have no response from these websites, so just keep away from them.

Thanks for your input.

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