Can i die if i have male candida yeast infection?

Can male yeast infection kill you is the question I’ve been asked by a few guys over the years. Well, it doesn’t really kill you, but it probably will kill the quality of your life. In extreme cases, a Candida yeast infection can kill a guy if he’s got, for example, if he’s HIV positive, he’s got full-blown Aids, and he’s very immune compromised. I’ve got no doubt that in a lot of those cases, people will die of a simple yeast infection.

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Many people with severe immune compromised illness have got Candida. If we look at people with really bad hepatitis, for example, and I’m sure in cases like Ebola. People that get this Ebola virus get very sick and will end up contracting a bad yeast infection.

Candida yeast infections are quite well known in hospitals – to be involved in a lot of cases of people who are in their dying stages. Mainly because it’s an opportunistic organism that will take over knowing the opportunity is right. When the immune system is very low, Candida will go very high and that can be enough to take a person out, to kill them. While Candida can’t kill you directly, it can certainly be there in the latter stages of quite a serious illness when you’re immune compromised.

I would say more likely it kills the quality of your life, and it certainly killed the quality of my life in my ‘20s for ages when I had a lot of depression and anxiety and severe jock itch. It made me feel terrible. I had quite bad depression and anxiety from this jock itch that I had. It was really a bad – particularly when the doctor basically just didn’t believe me and gave me these stupid creams that didn’t work.

In those situations, you can get pretty down and out about it. But killing you, no, it’s not really a disease that will kill you acutely as such.

So I hope that answers your question.

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