5 Steps To Parasite Cleanse

Greetings. Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks for checking out my video. Today, we’re going to talk about the five steps toward a successful parasite cleanse. What you can do to clean up your body if you’ve got parasites. This is going to work for Candida, but even more specifically for parasites. This is a particularly useful video if you’ve been positively diagnosed with parasites, especially after a stool analysis.

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I want you to be very careful with many kinds of tests when it comes to the determination of parasites or Candida. I’ve had an amazing number of people that have contacted me over the years that have said, Ive been diagnosed with Candida. I’m full of this stuff. I’ve got to get rid of it. I’m sick of having all this yeast in my body. I’ve got worms. I’ve got parasites. I’ll say, Hold on. How did you find out about this?” “Oh, well, a guy told me. He had one of these little dousing pendulums and hung it over my belly and said I’ve got worms crawling around inside me.” Or another person may say, “Well, a guy hooked me up to this machine. I had wires hanging off me everywhere. One of these biofeedback machines.” Or another person may say, “I had it done via muscle testing or kinesiology.”

There are many different methods, but the only method in my opinion that’s scientifically validated and that can really nail the parasite determination is PCR, polymer chain reaction. It’s a special DNA testing to determine that if stuff inside you actually is a parasite or not. Be very careful if someone tells you something because it may be a load of crap. Do you believe everything they say? I certainly don’t. Just be very careful what you’ve been told my people. A stool analysis performed by a lab that will do PCR technology, yes or no. Just remember that before you go further.

This video is for those who’ve determined they actually have got parasites. What you believe to have or have been told may be far from the truth from reality is. I’ve been told a lot of weird stuff over the years, but whether it was reality or not, got to use common sense. Let’s look at the five steps.

Step one is preparation. I look like Donald Trump doing this. Have you seen Donald Trump doing this on the TV? I won’t do that anymore. Preparation is everything when it comes to doing anything in life, whether it’s getting married or it’s starting a new business or anything. You need to have some kind of plan and prepare yourself properly for what you’re about to do. It’s no different from doing a parasite cleanse. What’s the point in trying to get rid of parasites if you’re going to have three glasses of wine every Friday night? “I’ve cut back. I don’t drink anymore during the week. You can’t take wine away from me on Friday nights.” If that’s how you feel, turn the video off. There’s no point watching any further. If you can’t forego these kinds of treats like chocolates, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, gin and tonic, Mars bars, and all that crap that you may be eating, there’s no point going any further. Preparation is paramount.

I want you to really understand that this is part of my Candida Crusher protocol. What I try to do first for the first couple of weeks is I do what’s called “the big cleanup.” It’s get people off crap. Get them off crap in their diet. Stuff like alcohol, caffeine, crap that you know that you shouldn’t be eating. You know inside in your own heart what you should and shouldn’t be eating. I don’t need to tell you that. The doctors don’t need to tell you that. Your husband or wife don’t need to tell you that. Your next door neighbor doesn’t need to tell you that. You know. If you don’t know, please check out some of my other videos, but also have a good look at yeastinfection.org. There are many articles I’ve written and many videos I’ve done on the correct way to eat. I’ve also done videos on “the big cleanup.”

Get rid of the junk out of your diet. That’s stage one, is preparation. If you’re drinking even once a month, stop it. You’re not going to get rid of parasites by doing all these kinds of things. Preparation is paramount. I want you to eat a basic, common sense healthy kind of diet. Vegetables, low fat meats, grains are acceptable. Again, check out my other videos on grains and starches and things like that. I’ve done a lot of work on that. If you’re not prepared to do the preparation, turn the video off and go and look at funny cat videos or something because this is not for you.

Let’s assume that you’ve done the preparation. You’re eating good food. You’re eating a healthy diet. You’re making good choices. And also, let’s assume that you’re serious about a parasite cleanse because you may not be. You’ve got to be serious. Preparation is number one.

Number two is the actual cleanse itself. Now, we’re actually going to get into eating particular kinds of foods that are going to facilitate and help that process along. You may think what I’m about to say is a load of crap, but based on my clinical experience, it’s not. I want you pay attention the moon cycle and aggravation of symptoms. I know for a fact from my clinical experience that many patients I see with parasites get worse in the week leading up to full moon. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve seen it. I read it in many books. I’ve talked to many expert people who say they’ve also noticed some similar things happening. You may find if you start paying attention to that that what I’m saying is correct. Obviously, a really good time to increase certain types of spices and foods in your diet to facilitate removal or the cleanse is to do it in the week leading up to the full moon.

Is this science? Maybe not. Is it mumbo jumbo? Definitely not. There’s a lot to be said about growing plants and sowing seeds to the moon cycle. There’s a lot to be said about harvesting firewood with the moon cycle. But I also know that with parasites, it makes a big difference. Particularly the week leading up, I find there’s heightened activity. You can read more about that in Candida Crusher. I’ve written a whole section on the moon cycle. Just a tip. If you’re going to increase stuff, have a look before full moon because it could make a little bit of a difference.

Let’s look at some of the extra foods you can add into your diet that really help to annoy the hell out of parasites. I assume you understand what parasites are. If not, check out my other videos. I did one a few days ago on the 10 signs of parasite infection. I’ve done other parasite videos on blastocysts and things like that. Please check those out. I assume you already know what parasites are. Parasites are not worms crawling through your intestines. Parasites, in most cases, you can’t even see them. They’re so tiny and microscopic. Very difficult to determine. The parasites are all around us. The cleanse itself, food. Food is your medicine and medicine is your food.

If you look at work done by a Dr. Hulda Clark, parasite cleanse, she talks about things like black walnut. She talks about clove. These are things that you can take into your diet. Don’t buy the things. Just go out to the local Asian store or grocery store and buy some cloves. You know the little black spice cloves? The stuff they put in cookies or in cakes and things like that. Not garlic cloves, but clove, the black spice clove. Clove is very, very good for Candida. Clove tea, but also just to put in cooking. I’ll throw cloves in a lot of different types of dishes I make. Very, very good anti-parasite spice to use. Cinnamon is good to use. Quassia, another herb you can get called Quassia. These are things you can buy at the grocery store. You can add them to your diet.

Pumpkin seeds, very, very good, especially before a full moon. Have about a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds per day. Chew on them really well. They work particularly well on worms, but they also have an effect on other kind of parasites as well. Think about that. Grated beet root and grated carrot, 50/50 mixed together. Yes, beet root is okay with a yeast infection. Yes, grated raw carrot is okay with Candida and particularly affective against parasites. A small quantity every day ongoing for several weeks is a fantastic food. Cultured and fermented foods, a good quality sour yogurt, maybe some kefir, very good. Coconut kefir, very, very good. Water kefir even more powerful. Be careful with kefir. Check out my video on kefir. Make sure it’s made properly because it could make you sick instead of healthy. Lots of people stuff up kefir cultures all the time. They don’t make them properly. If you’re going to make your own cultured or fermented, make sure it’s done properly. Those are good building foods.

You need good killing foods. You need good inhibition foods. I don’t often use the word “killing,” but with parasites, I do. Parasites can be killed off effectively in the body by taking away their food source. That’s number one, the preparation. And they can be inhibited and killed by using the treatment phase, which is stage two. You’ve got to stop giving them food and you’ve got to start annoying the hell out of them with spices and herbs. Take their food source away and then put some supplements in there that are going to help eradicate them.

How long does it take to get rid of a parasite in the body? How long do I have to do step two, the treatment phase? That really depends. How long is a piece of rope? Is it three inches? Is it three meters? That depends on the extent of the parasite infection. It depends on how long you’ve been sick for. Depends on other health complaints you’ve got. It depends on a lot of factors. I always say to people you need to treat as long as it takes to get well. Keep an eye on the symptoms.

Garlic, as I mentioned, but also onions, chives, shallots, that whole allium family is quite good, too, consumed steam or partially raw is better. Many different foods you can do, but even basic green stuff like brassicas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, these are all really good foods to have because they aid in liver detoxification. They improve the glucoronidation or phase two for liver. A lot of people misalign brassicas like cauliflower, say that they stuff up the thyroid function, which is a lot of crap. I’ve talked about that in previous videos.

Raw kale is what you should not eat. Cooked kale is fine, but raw kale is no good. Steamed broccoli is perfectly fine and I have it on very expert authority that these kind of foods do not ruin your thyroid function. People take everything out of context when they go to Dr. Google.

With food, go more into my Candida Crusher approach. It’s a three stage dietary approach. This is perfect for parasite cleansing. We talked about “the big cleanup” first. Now, we’re going to talk about the MEVY diet. You can see that in another video, MEVY, meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt. The second stage is the low allergy diet, the hypoallergenic phase. Then we do a reintroduction. That’s number three. Check out my Candida Crusher eating approach, which is perfect for step two, the cleanse.

Also, what I want you to do is to take some dietary supplements. Now, it’s not mandatory, but supplements have a very good effect on eradicating parasites when taken properly in the correct dosage. Watch my video on the 2/4/2 protocol. This is not my idea. The 2/4/2 protocol was designed by a very clever friend of mine, Dr. Joseph Collins in America. A really wonderful doctor who does incredible work, particularly with hormones in women. Dr. Collins suggested the 2/4/2 protocol, which I’ think is a fantastic idea. Two weeks’ introduction. And then there’s the four, which usually means four weeks, but it could mean two months. That’s the treatment phase. Then the other two is the coming out phase. Introduction, treatment, reintroduction or coming out. Reintroduction of a normal diet and coming out of supplement treatment phase.

If any practitioner tells you to take supplements continually for a long period of time without this 2/4/2 protocol, there’s no real rhyme or reason to that. Every person who has a parasite problem should have a slow introduction of a supplement. Then they should ramp it up to their tolerance level, what you can tolerate, which could be low, medium or high. Then when they keep treating and treating along their intolerance level, they’ll find that usually over time, they can increase the product a little bit more, which pushes the kill and inhibition further. Then they can slowly back off as symptoms improve. They can back off more and more. They can back right off and then slowly they slide into the second two, which is the coming out phase. Then they go back to a lower dosage. Does that make sense? Makes sense to me. Start off slow. Build up to your tolerance. Find out what it is. Keep treating it. Slowly back off and then go into a coming out phase.

Canxida Remove, Canxida Restore, Canxida Rebuild. The three Canxida products are perfect for people with parasites. You can check that out at Canxida.com. Canxida Remove is incredibly good for many different types of parasites. I’ve had feedback from people in many countries around the world who’ve had a very successful eradication with blastocysts and Dientamoeba and many other kinds of parasites. Many of them. Give that a go. That’s step two is the cleanse.

How long does it last? “Eric, you’re not giving us specific timelines.” Well, I can’t because I don’t know you particularly as a patient. If I knew you as a patient or I’d seen you, I could give you a pretty darn good guideline, which is usually reasonably accurate. And a lot of it depends on your stool test results and your previous history. But my advice is to keep treating in step two until you feel better and better. It could be one month. It could be six months. It really depends on a lot of factors, as I say.

Step three. Reintroduction of foods. Now, you need to come back to normal again. That doesn’t mean to say that when you improve, you rush out to McDonald’s and you start having Happy Meals every day. It doesn’t mean to say that you can drink three cans of beer every night while you’re playing Xbox. It means that you need to reintroduce foods slowly. Does that make sense? Slowly you reintroduce the foods that you were eating prior. Remember, I want you to maintain a healthy, clean diet from this point forward. That’s going to go a big step toward stopping you from getting sick again with parasites. It’s going to keep improving your gut health. It can take a year for your digestion to get to a very high state of health.

There’s a huge surface area with trillions of bacteria inside here. It’s like a big lawn. It can take a long time for a garden to become beautiful. I know that from experience. I love gardening. It takes years for a garden to become absolutely stunning. Lots of little bits or work here and there. A bit of weeding here and there. Sometimes you’ve got to pull stuff out. The digestive system is no different. You’ve got to keep weeding it and feeding it, looking after it. It takes time. Please be patient.

Step four. Assessment long term. What I want you to do long term as you improve, which you should, is to assess your state of health on a regular basis. There would’ve been why you went into the parasite cleanse. There could’ve been a diarrhea. It could’ve been constipation. It could’ve been gas. It could’ve been one of a 100 reasons. Check out my video, if you haven’t please, on the 10 signs that you may have a parasite infection. If you improve with a parasite problem, all those things should disappear. There should be no itchy skin. There should be no headaches, no muscle fatigue, no joint pain, bowels should work perfect, should be no bloating all, there should be minimal gas. Everyone farts, but you shouldn’t be farting like a horse or a dog. You should be farting a small amount. It’s normal.

These things will become apparent to you as you improve. If they’re not apparent to you, they’ll be apparent to your partner or friends or people around you who may say, “Wow, you’re looking good lately. What have you been doing? Have you had Botox? Have you had a holiday? Have you got a new man or a new woman? Have you won the lotto or whatever?” But if people come up with a statement like that, it usually implies that you are definitely improving in health. Even though you may not think so yourself.

Long term assessment. Very clever. Perhaps another stool test. Six months down the track repeat the stool test. Maybe you don’t need the comprehensive test. Maybe you just need to do the bacteriology and the parasitology panel. It’s a couple hundred bucks. File both of those test reports away. The first one and the second one. Because down the track if there’s recurrence, you pull it out. Bang. You’ve got a pretty good idea what’s going on. Remember. Test and measure. Treat and then measure the response. That’s what intelligent people do. That’s step four. Assessment long term.

Step five. The last step is prevention. Why would you want to go back to feeling like crap again? Why would you want bloating and gas and headaches and feeling terrible? Nobody wants to live like that. I wouldn’t want to live with something like that. It would be awful. Prevention. Remember washing your hands. Hygiene. Especially if you travel. I’m very careful when I do air travel. I’m not anal. I don’t wear gloves on airplanes and stuff like that. Some people do crazy things. They put masks on their face all the time. I’ve seen people on airplanes wear gloves. That’s the kind of Michael Jackson phobia. You don’t need to be like that. What you do need to do is wash your hands. Many people don’t. They go from the bathroom straight out and shake your hand. Not a good idea.

I think if you travel a lot like I used to, is I’d always wash my hands once or twice at the airport and particularly when I was on the plane again. Maybe when I disembark and go through customs and I’m going out. I go to the lavatory and wash my hands again. These are important things to do because you’re touching all kinds of surfaces. You’ve been around people who’ve been in many different countries. You don’t know what you’re dealing with. Every time you eat, you wash your hands. You be very careful. Common sense. That’s prevention. If you have got a tummy that can be a bit on the funny side and you’re going to go traveling, maybe take the Canxida Restore with you. Just take one tablet per day. That’s going to go a long way toward prevention of sickness.

I hope this video gives you a little bit of an insight into what I would consider the five steps on how to eradicate parasites. I’ll just quickly go through them again. Preparation, we spoke about. The cleanse itself, diet, lifestyle, some supplements. Step three, reintroduce foods again. Step four, assessment of long term health, what you’ve got now and what you’ve had, and where you’re going to. Step five is prevention. Make sense? Thanks for tuning in. If you haven’t got my report, please click on the link below and get your free report. Thanks for watching. I do appreciate it.

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