Will my yeast infection come back if I stop taking medication?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with another question.

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If I don’t take all my medicine, does the yeast infection really come back?

It really depends what you mean by medicine because are we talking natural medicines or pharmaceutical medicines? So doctors will tell you that you need to take a course of antibiotics. It’s important to take them otherwise the infection will return or it won’t go away at all.

Generally speaking, I get people to take dietary supplements for a period of time until they get in control of their yeast infection. And I’ve got the 80/20 rule in my clinic, which you may have heard me speak about and write about in my book, Candida Crusher; 80 percent of your energy when it comes to yeast infection needs to be spent on lifestyle and diet and 20 percent on therapeutics. By therapeutics, I mean specialized foods, which inhibit and eradicate bad bacteria and yeast. And in this 20 percent also we’ve got various dietary supplements which are going to be highly beneficial.

So people often say to me, how long do I need to take these things for? And I say, as long as it takes; as long as you get in control of your Candida yeast infection. For some folks, that can be four weeks. And for some, it could be 18 months. So it also depends on how bad you aggravate when you take a supplement. I’m not a big fan of having patients aggravate; if a supplement aggravates or medicine, you take less. If it doesn’t aggravate, you can maybe take a little bit more or increase the frequency of the dosages. So there are quite a lot of variables here.

On subsequent videos, I’m going to talk a lot more about the key foods which inhibit yeast. For example, oregano, various kinds of yogurt, coconut oil, again there’s oil, there’s cream, there’s various types of coconut products. And there are a lot of other herbs like clove, for example. Clove is very good. Garlic is one of my favorites in particular. And there are many other foods I’ll talk about that can inhibit yeast.

So if I don’t take all my medicine, does yeast infection really come back? Well, look at your lifestyle and diet. If they’re all conducive toward eradicating an infection and you’re not getting the right results by taking some type of therapeutic, you’ll need to stay on this therapeutic. It shouldn’t come back. It won’t come back if you follow the golden rule of not to keep on doing what you’re doing, which gave you the infection. Work on the causes. Stop taking antibiotics. Drink less alcohol. Don’t eat so many sugary foods or refined foods. Eat more home-cooked meals, fresh foods; follow my diet outlined in Section 1, Chapter 7, in my book. I’ve written over 100 pages on diet and nutrition. If you follow this, you’re not going to get the yeast infection back. There are plenty of nice foods you can eat.

So you shouldn’t really have to take medicine for long. Three to six months maybe at most and that’s it for most people. Sixty to seventy percent of folks do not need to take medicine beyond that. If you do, there’s something wrong and I’ve written about that in the final section of my book; what to do when all else fails.

So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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