Why Is The Candida Crusher Diet In Three Stages?

Thanks for checking out my video today. Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback. I’m building up the Candida Crusher channel. Eventually, we’re going to have so many more videos on this. I’m answering lots and lots of frequently asked questions from patients all over the world. I have currently patients now in over 70 countries around the world approaching me with all kinds of yeast infection problems, but also questions they’d like answered.

Here’s a question I got from a lady in Spain. Spain’s quite an interesting country. It’s incredible how many people in Spain or Portugal and also South America, these sort of Latin countries, have got yeast infections. In fact, Brazil is one of the top areas I see lots of patients. This lady is asking me, Eric, why is the Candida Crusher diet in three stages? Why not just have one stage?

I’m going to explain to you why I’ve devised this diet over many, many years and thousands of patients to be in three parts. This will give you a good understanding. I believe that when people come to see me with a problem of yeast infection, we first have to clean them up.

If you look at my book, Candida Crusher, you can get a copy of this at CandidaCrusher.com; you’ll find that I like what’s called the Big Clean Up. This is to get people to tidy up their diet, basically to get them away from coffee, tea, alcohol, and these sorts of foods. This is usually about a 10 to 14 day period, but we give people a warning, for want of a better word. We get them down off these diets. This is going to seriously diminish the ability for the body to produce a strong Candida die off. We’re not eradicating Candida, but we’re basically cutting back on the foods and beverages that help to feed yeast infection up and that contribute to dysbiosis and a lot of gut dysfunctions. We’re gently easing them into the diet.

After this 14-day period, we put them on the first stage, which is the MEVY diet, meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt. Nothing new. This diet was devised by Dr. John Trowbridge back in the ‘80s. It’s a very good Candida approach, which I’ve used for many years. You can read about MEVY diets again in my book or on yeastinfection.org. MEVY diet lasts for two to three weeks, sometimes a month.

Then I move them into stage two, which is a low allergy diet or the hypoallergenic diet. Now we’re going to take away potentially allergenic foods from the gut, ease up on the digestion by reducing the amount of circulating immune complexes in the body. Most patients with Candida have got leaky gut syndrome. You need to read up on leaky gut on EricBakker.com or on yeastinfection.org and familiarize yourself fully with what leaky gut is.

Medical practitioners don’t believe in leaky gut, but then again medical practitioners don’t believe in a lot of things. A lot of them don’t even believe that adrenal fatigue exists or yeast infection exists. But I don’t really care what medical practitioners think to be honest. I care about what my patients present with and how I can help them.

The low allergy diet has a very, very profound effect on reducing again once more the ability for the body to create major die off because we’re taking away foods that challenge the immune system. By reducing the amount of antibody/antigen complexes in the bloodstream, we’re giving the immune system breathing space so it can actually start fighting the Candida itself and the metabolites. And if you think about it, it’s quite a clever approach because at the same time, you’re working with your lifestyle. We’re pointing out in my book and my writings. We’re showing you how stress affects the body and how to reduce the impact of stress and adrenal and thyroid exhaustion on the body. We’re boosting immunity by changing the diet.

Then stage three of the diet is reintroduction where we’re starting to get you back down to common ground again. You’re going to be including the foods that you like to eat. The foods you introduce first are the foods that you tend to eat but not desire the most. The foods we introduce last are the foods that you like eating the most. That is quite common sense from where I’m sitting because I believe people often eat the foods they desire the most which gives them the most amount of grief. Junk, alcohol, sodas, sugars, all this sort of stuff that we love to eat, but it’s not good for us. Those are foods we don’t introduce for well down the track until you’ve fully recovered.

You’re going to write down a list on paper all the foods that you eat, for example, and have two columns, what I love to eat, what I like to eat. The foods you love to eat the most we bring those in a bit later down the track. Mind you, these two columns are the foods that we’ve taken out at the onset, the beginning stage, if that makes any sense.

You can read about the three stages to the Candida Crusher diet much more fully in the Candida Crusher book, Chapter 7, particularly Section 1. It’s about 120 pages just on this alone, very comprehensive.

I hope that explains to you in Spain, the lady in Spain, about why the three stages of the diet. It’s a logical progression of how I ramp the diet up. Generally, the three stage diet can take anywhere between two months up to four months. Four months is about the average period of time I find that most people with Candida improve, certainly not 24 hours like some ridiculous websites claim.

I hope that answers your question. Thanks for tuning in to this video today. Thank you.

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